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Soualiga Newsday Top Stories (3064)

Oualichi Girls Summer Soccer Camp to Take Place From the 17th - 19th of July

EMILIO WILSON PARK, Sint Maarten - For the second year in a row the Oualichi Women's Soccer Association will be organizing the popular Girls Summer Soccer Camp from Thursday the 17th to Saturday the 19th of July.

Girls who register will take part in a three day course where they will learn soccer skills and tactics taught by two female coaches from the United States, Ms. Hannah O'Brien and Ms. Meredith Aird. Both ladies play for the Connecticut Southeast Premier Team.

The morning sessions will be reserved for the teaching of practical soccer skills and in the afternoon the girls will be treated to a fun activity, including boat trips and island tours donated by Aquamania Adventures.

The trainings will take place at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex in Cay Hill. The goal of the camp will be to make soccer accessible for all girls on Sint Maarten, therefore the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association has decided to offer the camp free of charge.  

GEBE has generously supported the summer camp initiative of the Oualichi Women's Soccer Association, making it possible for the program to take place.

The Oualichi Women's Soccer Association is grateful for the support of GEBE and the community at large for helping to develop girls’ sports in general and girls’ soccer specifically for St. Maarten.

For more information visit the team's website or Facebook page: Oualichi Women's Soccer Team.


UP Board Emancipation Day Message

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The Board of the United People’s Party (UP) wishes the people of Sint Maarten a “Happy Emancipation Day.” 

“We are victorious, we are gratified and our freedom allows us to chart the course we want for ourselves and our future generations,” declared the UP Board on Tuesday morning. 

“Emancipation Day represents the recognition of the pillar and ground of all our civil liberties. There could be no meaningful celebration for our country without this achievement, and hence celebration of personal liberty.

“We wish the people of Sint Maarten a Happy Emancipation Day as we reflect on the triumphs our ancestors overcame as our nation forges upward today,” the UP board message concluded.

The official holiday was initiated by the former UP Minister of Culture Hon. Dr. Rhoda Arrindell. 


Popular Nature Education Program Nature Foundation Snorkel Club to Start on July 9th Parents urged to register children soon due to limited space

COLE BAY, Sint Maarten - Nature Foundation will once again start its popular Nature Education Snorkel Club Program from Wednesday July 9th to Saturday August 9th 2013.  The Nature Foundation, in a continued effort to educate and stress the important role the youth plays in the future of nature conservation on this island, established the Snorkel Club program with the aim of educating local youth in both marine and terrestrial nature conservation. Children will be given a total of ten lessons with each lesson consisting of both theory and practical elements.

Lessons will include snorkeling skills, marine naturalist courses, and introduction to SCUBA diving, hiking tours, information on trees and terrestrial nature conservation and a special closing activity. Children who attend the Snorkel Club are given a copy of the How to Snorkel Manual, a Nature Foundation T-shirt, Fish Identification Cards and wetsuits for sun protection, all of which they can keep.

An extra activity this year centered on Nature Education is again a program focused on the adult population. “Oftentimes we hear from Snorkel Club parents that they would also like to be introduced to the Environment of St. Maarten. Whereas before we focused on the kids, this year we will be offering specialized introductory excursions as part of the ‘Adult Snorkel Club’, where we will introduce adults to the wonders of the sea that they might not have had the opportunity to experience.

This year’s Snorkel Club was in a large part made possible through  the support of the Scuba Shop, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort and Dive Adventures who teamed  up with the business community in organizing the annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt on Monday April 21st. From the proceeds of the Easter Egg Hunt Snorkel Club has now expanded to three days in the week instead of just two.

Interested parents and adults can contact the Nature Foundation at 5444267 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Information on both programs. The Snorkel Club for kids will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from nine to eleven a.m. and costs only twenty five guilders for the ten lessons to cover the end event. Parents are urged to register their children early due to limited space.


Minister Patricia Lourens-Philip Invites Public to Emancipation Eve Lecture Monday Night

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Hon. Patricia Lourens Philip is inviting the general public to the Emancipation Eve Lecture at the University of St. Martin (USM) to be given by Professor Emeritus Alvin O. Thompson.

The theme of the lecture is, “The Role of Enslaved People in the Emancipation Process.”  The lecture will be on Monday, June 30th and starts at 7.00pm to 10.00pm.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs through the Department of Culture is hosting the event which is an extension to the theme of this years’ Emancipation Day Celebration “The Journey and Beyond”.

Esteemed guest lecturer, Professor Emeritus Alvin Oliver Thompson is from the Department of History and Philosophy at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Barbados.

Professor Thompson has published widely on Caribbean and African History and has received a number of awards for his scholarly work. Among these are the Prize of Caribbean Thought for his study entitled Flight to Freedom: African Runaways and Maroons in the Caribbean (2004) (a revised version of which was published (2005), the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence (2007), and the Lifetime Award for Excellence from the University of the West Indies Press (2007).

“Confronting Slavery Breaking the Corridors of Silence,” was written by Professor Thompson by UNESCO’s Slave Route Project, entitled Breaking the Silence.

The study deals with aspects of the experiences of Black peoples in Africa, Europe and the Americas that resulted from the transatlantic slave trade and slavery.

The study looks specifically at the ways in which Africans were acquired for work in the Americas, the Middle Passage or transit across the Atlantic Ocean, the conditions under which the labored in their new environments, the brutalities that they suffered at the cruel hands of their enslavers, the material and social cultural that they developed under the extreme conditions in which they lived, their struggles for freedom, and their attempts to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps after slavery was abolished as a legal institution.

The lecture of, “The Role of Enslaved People in the Emancipation Process” will highlight the many journeys and beyond of the enslaved Africans.


Minister Lake presents his housing vision for country Sint Maarten to KPMG

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake, last week Thursday met with KPMG who is currently busy developing a housing vision for St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF).

KPMG has been meeting with various stakeholders seeking their input that would lead to the development of the housing strategy.

Minister Lake said on Sunday that it was once again an opportunity for him to reiterate his vision for public housing for the country.

“It is very important that the emphasis be placed on the housing needs of the people.  We have many people on a waiting list at the housing foundation, approximately 1000. 

“The housing foundation is trying their best, but they have a number of challenges such as funding, but that must not deter us from meeting the housing needs of our people. 

“We have young professionals returning home who also need adequate and affordable housing; homes for minimum wage earners as well as our seniors. 

“I have been working diligently is securing land for our people in order to meet the housing needs of the nation.  One particular property is the Vorst property.  I will continue to work in finding the necessary land to build homes for our people,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

Some of the points discussed in the meeting were housing target groups (eg. Seniors, young professionals, minimum wage earners); the role of government in public housing; screening of individuals to make sure that they are not taking advantage of the system; functioning of the Rent Committee; Housing Guarantor Fund; energy efficient homes; and international experience best practices in public housing.

Minister Lake stated that his vision for public housing for the people is based on the recent Sint Maarten Housing Vision 2012-2020 Building Book that was presented by KAW Architects and Consultants to the minister in December 2013.

The project commissioned by the Government of Sint Maarten and financed by USONA entailed a review of legislation relating to housing, and a review of the housing policy.  The project objective is to increase the quality of life and living conditions of residents with low and middle incomes through policies and legislation relating to adequate and social housing.

KPMG is a leading provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory Services in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname markets.



Nature Foundation Launches Community Wide Tree Planting and Awareness Program

COLE BAY, Sint Maarten – Proposal for Trees Protection Law Sent to Decision Makers - The St. Maarten Nature Foundation has started a community-wide tree planting effort combined with a proposal submitted to decision makers and community leaders for the establishment of a specific Trees Protection Law for St. Maarten.

Over the last few months there has been much talk in the community regarding what is and what is not allowed with regards to the cutting and pruning of trees. The Nature Foundation has therefore decided that both a tree planting effort in the communities combined with a push for the establishment of a specific trees protection Law is necessary and crucial for the sustainable management of the country’s tree population. Information on current legal parameters for the cutting of trees has also been posted on the Nature Foundation website, including the Historic Tree Policy which was approved by the then Island Council in 2009.

Over the last weeks the Nature Foundation has been contacted by various property owners regarding how to address trees on their properties. The Nature Foundation removed two young Sandbox Trees from the premises of the Martin Luther King School in Dutch Quarter that posed a threat to the school’s plumbing installation and replanted them at safe locations within the district.

The tree planting effort focuses specifically on trees that provide shade, are of a national and historic importance and provide local fruit to the various districts. The first trees planted were Sandbox Trees, Starfruit and Flamboyant trees in the districts of St. Peters and Belair and in the Emilio Wilson Park.

The Foundation is also involving youth groups in the planting effort educating about the importance of tree protection and planting and replanting trees within the community. Additional trees to be planted include Tamarind and Avocado Trees in the Cole Bay district; Flamboyant Trees -St. Maarten’s National Symbol- in various districts and Soursap, Sugar Apple and Genip Trees in various public areas.

The Nature Foundation is also appealing to the community to contact the organization with regards to the best way to address issues some may have with trees on their property and possible replanting or transplanting of small trees to safer locations rather than simply cutting back the tree or chopping it down.

From a policy perspective the Nature Foundation has also drafted a proposed Trees Protection Law which it has submitted to policy and decision makers for the protection of trees for their natural and historic value for St. Maarten. A Trees Protection Law would also enhance stipulations set forth the Historic Trees Policy ratified by the then Island Council in 2009.

With the approach of engaging in an active tree planting program, an education program focusing on the importance of protecting trees and policy recommendations for the further legal protection of trees on St. Maarten the Nature Foundation hopes to have a balanced and sustainable management and development of trees for the country for in particular indigenous fruit trees, trees that provide shade and trees that are of a historical, national and cultural importance.  

The Nature Foundation echoes the sentiments of the United Nations Environment Program in stating that because of the benefits that our island, our planet and ourselves get from trees, such as trees being oxygen filters, providing shelter and food for humans as well as other animals and their influence on the climate -to mention just a few-, it is essential that we make sure we make up for all the trees we loose or use. If performed properly tree planting can ensure the successful restoration of a deforested area, hence creating ecologically sustainable resource use. This coupled with National Legislation protecting existing trees is essential in encouraging a sustainable management for our trees here on St. Maarten.


Ferrier says DP Party Approved by Electoral Council

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - The Democratic Party (DP) of St. Maarten would like to rectify a front page article in one of the daily local newspapers of Saturday, June 28, 2014 regarding the amount of parties that so far are approved by the Electoral Council.

On Friday, June 27, 2014 the approval and registration under the National Ordinance on the Registration and Financing of Political Parties of the Democratic Party has in fact been published in the National Gazette, bringing the total number of parties approved to seven (7) as opposed to the six (6) mentioned in the article of one of the two daily newspapers.

“The DP is primed, pumped and chomping at the bit to announce the names of its candidates postulating for the upcoming Parliamentary elections and is urging the voters to go to its Face Book page (DP SXM) for updates on party events and to "GET IT RIGHT" by massively voting DP on Friday, August 29, 2014,” Michael J. Ferrier, DPs Public Relations Officer said on Saturday.


Directors of Ports told to take the lead

DAWN BEACH, Sint Maarten - 40 regional port executives are attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean (P.M.A.C.) from June 25-27 that Port St. Maarten is hosting.  The AGM concludes on Friday evening with an awards dinner.

The P.M.A.C. is considered a very important organization with respect to port authority operations, and Port St. Maarten is very pleased to have been chosen to host this year’s AGM.

P.M.A.C. was founded in 1998 with the aim to improve the proficiency of member ports and the quality of services offered to their users. The aforementioned objective is to be accomplished by training.

The following audio file provides insight into the start of the AGM including welcome words by the Minister of Tourism Affairs Hon. Ted Richardson:


Minister Lake surprises Mighty Dow with Suckergarden land for Pan School

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake, on Wednesday evening during the Ebony Steel Orchestra Pan Recital at Port de Plaisance, surprised Isidore York in the presence of parents and steel pan youth players, documents for the allocation of government land in the district of Suckergarden for a Steel Pan School.

Isidore York, better known as the Mighty Dow from Dow’s Musical Foundation, submitted twice an application for domain land.  The first application was in 2006 and the second one in 2009.

The domain land is 1450 square meters and is near the Lion’s Club Community Center in Suckergarden.

The Mighty Dow indicated at the pan recital that he has over 750 youngsters learning the steel pan.

“It was a great honor for me to be able to once again help a local dedicated person such as Isidore York to make his dream, and the dreams of the country’s youth come true.  The Mighty Dow has dedicated his life to educating the younger generation about the steel pan which is part of our heritage and culture.

“We have a responsibility to pass on from one generation to the next our heritage, and I am very pleased that Suckergarden will be the home for our Steel Pan School.  We have to support the future of Sint Maarten, the youth,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.


Registration Drive continues for the Meet, Eat and Greet Program at the St. Maarten Festival Village

POND ISLAND, Sint Maarten - The Management of Stichting Overheidsgebouwen (SOG) and Strictly Business Educational Foundation (SBEF) are appealing to interested persons to register and settle payments for the upcoming weekend program scheduled to kick off on July 4th 2014 at the St. Maarten Festival Village.

Therefore in order to accommodate all persons who have shown interest in this small business entrepreneurship program SOG & SBEF have decided to extend the registration drive until Monday June 30th 2014.

The office hours will remain open on Friday June 27 and Monday June 30th until 6:30PM in order to accommodate those persons whom are unable to come in and register or make payments during the regular office hours.

Persons interested in taking part in this program are requested to come to the office to register and those persons whom have already registered are requested to come in and make their respective payments.

The weekend program is scheduled to begin on Friday July 4th and will continue every weekend thereafter.

Additional information can be obtained by calling SOG office at 5430507 or SBEF at 5537580.


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