Minimum speeds nationwide key in new mobile internet auction

Minimum speeds nationwide key in new mobile internet auction

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SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch government should introduce minimum speeds for mobile internet in rural areas to help maintain the Netherlands’ leading role in the field, according to a new report for the economic affairs ministry. 

The report recommends that minimum mobile speeds are included in the technical specifications when new frequencies are auctioned off later this year. 

‘There are still places in the Netherlands where outdoor mobile coverage is inadequate, such as in areas where it is not profitable for providers,’ junior economic affairs minister Mona Keizer said. 

‘The cabinet wants to solve this in the forthcoming auction. Fast, mobile internet which is available everywhere and for everyone is now seen as a basic need.’ The report compilers recommend a minimum speed of 8 megabit per second by 2022 and 10 megabit per second in 2026. 

The ministry plans to hold the frequency auction by the end of 2019, which means it must publish the terms and conditions by the summer.(DutchNews)

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