NA MP Jacobs expresses disappointment

NA MP Jacobs expresses disappointment

NA Leader MP Silveria Jacobs NA Leader MP Silveria Jacobs

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - Leader of the National Alliance (NA), Member of Parliament (MP) Silveria Jacobs continues to express extreme disappointment at the manner in which meetings continue to be convened, adjourned, reconvened or not, as well as postponed without any proper information being disseminated to the Members of Parliament, the media nor the people of St. Maarten, the NA faction said in a press release on Monday. 

“Reference is made to the manner in which the Chair adjourned the urgent Public Meeting #17, concerning the financial situation at the PJIA and the pending loans and agreements related to the $100 million needed for reconstruction, which ended in not one but two Motions of “No Confidence” being brought by 7 MPs of the NA and USP against the Prime Minister and Minister of GA (Ed: General Affairs), Mrs. Leona Romeo- Marlin and Minister of TEATT (Ed: Tourism, Econimic Affairs, Transport and  Telecommunications) Mr. Stuart Johnson the week before. 

“Noteworthy to mention is that the coalition is at a disadvantage with 2 or more MPs being absent.“MP Jacobs brought to the attention of the Chair upon her adjournment of the meeting and announcement of continuation on Thursday at 3pm that this would not be possible as there was an approved and scheduled Parliamentary consultation for which a delegation, which included the Chair, the 4 CKAIR members and the SG (Ed Secretary General), was scheduled to leave at 4.45 pm on the very same Thursday. MPs had been informed 2 weeks before of this scheduling due to lack of flights at a later date. So, it can be presumed that the Chair of Parliament was well aware of this fact.

“The Chair, once notified by MP Jacobs about the clash, stated she would look into rescheduling it. The following day the announcement of the continuation appeared in the Daily Herald. Noting the aforementioned, on Tuesday February 7th, MP Jacobs submitted a letter to the Chair requesting that she reschedule the meeting and inform the public of the change as they would be expecting the meeting to continue on Thursday. To date, no response has been given to the letter, which is also forwarded to the media.

“Also during the week, MP Doran questioned the Chair during “notifications” as to the continuation of OV 17, to which no reasonable response was given either. As a matter of fact, the Chairlady announced the postponement in a very ‘matter of act’ manner upon reconvening the CC meeting on Thursday with the Minister of Justice concerning a law needed by the MOT, also not giving reasons for the lateness of the announcement nor the reason itself.

“To date, the leader of the National Alliance has not received any official response from the chair of parliament as to why the meeting was not rescheduled earlier in the week knowing of the pending travel of 5 members including Madame Chairlady, nor as to when it would be reconvened. This just adds to a running list of pending central committee and public meetings which are quite urgent but can’t reach fruition,” the NA faction press release concludes.

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