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Carnival Season Message from Minister Wycliffe Smith

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) – With Carnival 50 to officially kick-off with the opening of Festival Village on Saturday, April 20, Minister of Culture Wycliffe Smith issued the following Carnival Season message on Thursday.

“Following the Easter weekend, we will go directly into the celebrations of the 50th year of Carnival. As these festivities generate much economic activity and tourism, most of its governmental oversight comes from the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication. However, Carnival is established as an aspect of our Sint Maarten culture, and for that reason, as Minister with responsibility for culture, I have worked with the Department of Culture to expand the cultural content of these celebrations.

“On Sunday April 28, 2019, the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) will present the Children’s Parade, combined with a Cultural Parade supported by efforts of the Department of Culture. In past exploratory conversations with SCDF on ways in which there can be more collaborations between SCDF and the Department of Culture, it was decided that the department would expand the cultural presence in Carnival.

“Last year, it was established that the Department of Culture would assist with building a cultural showcase in collaboration with the SCDF. This year the collaboration has been broadened to include both a Cultural Parade and Cultural Night showcase. The Children’s Parade has been augmented to include a cultural presentation. Several associations have registered to participate in the cultural parade. These include Indian Merchant Association, The Guyanese Association, Fundación Semana Dominicana, Guadeloupe Jeff Locomotive, and Funtopia.

“It is important for us to showcase our heritage during these weeks of festivities and I look forward to the displays from all the participants in this Cultural Parade. To ensure that we all can enjoy the different events and activities planned, I encourage everyone to practice safety first. Wear seat belts while driving. Do not drive if you are under alcoholic influence. Be mindful of the age limit for events, and do not have minors exposed to adult activities. Parents, safeguard your children. Ensure that proper supervision is in place for all children, whether at home, at the beach or at a parade.

“When the parties are over, and King Momo is burnt, may we all be able to speak of this year’s celebration with gladness, filled with pleasant memories and ready to plan for making the next 50 years of Carnival that much better than before.

“I look forward to continuing to expand the celebrations of our culture and the quality of the Sint Maarten product that more of our local artists can start headlining the shows both at home and abroad. Remember, when we UNITE and FOCUS, together we will reset, rebuild and restore our Friendly Island home.”



SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Effective 8 April 2019, NAGICO LIFE INSURANCE N.V. AND NATIONAL GENERAL INSURANCE CO. N. V. (“NAGICO INSURANCES”) assumed a portfolio of business from Sagicor Life Inc.

The transition from Sagicor Life Inc. to NAGICO Insurances will be a smooth one for customers as NAGICO Insurances advises that policyholders should continue to correspond with and remit their premiums to their Agent as they will continue to administer the policies.

However, in the event policyholders wish to contact NAGICO Insurances directly they should send their correspondences to Neetu Lalwani at NAGICO Life Insurance N.V. for Life and Pensions and to Christopher Hunte at National General Insurance Co. N.V. for Health.

The office of NAGICO Insurances is situated at C.A. Cannegieter Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten and the key contacts referred to above can also be reached via telephone: 1-721-542-2739 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“NAGICO Insurances prides itself on being fast and responsive and making the customer experience simple, hassle-free and enjoyable. We look forward to welcoming these new policyholders into the NAGICO Family and providing them with a high level of service, security and stability.” said Detlef Hooyboer the Group Chief Executive Officer. 

As is traditional, each policyholder will receive individualized communication from NAGICO Insurances as it relates to their policies.


Rice Hill Garden completes Phase 3A infrastructure works

SINT MAARTEN (OYSTER POND) - Rice Hill Gardens Development is pushing ahead with providing residential land options for the community.

Rice Hill Gardens completed this week the infrastructure works for Phase 3A of its housing development located on the way to Oyster Pond. The works included all access roads to lots in the currently available section, sidewalks, underground cables, all water and electricity connections and TelEm exclusive fiber optic cable. Windward Roads Infrastructure N.V. executed all works. Independent Consulting Engineers supervised the residential project.

On October 1, 2018, Rice Hill Gardens decided to make a substantial investment by starting construction of its Phase 3A given the demand for private lots in a safe and secure gated community after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Rice Hill Gardens Development Managing Director Astrid Plantz. That construction was completed this week.

Fourteen of the originally offered 18 residential lots in Phase 3A are still available for purchase. All lots have elevated views of the surrounding valleys and out to the ocean. “Constructing on the lots is Rice Hill does not require extensive excavation. All of our lots are moderately sloped or not sloped at all,” explained Plantz.

The exclusive gated community has lots starting at US $125,000. There is a 10 per cent discount special available to potential buyers. This special is only available until April 30 and must be locked in with a purchase agreement by that date. There is no requirement to build on the lot immediately. This enables buyers to invest in a private lot at a time prices may be at its lowest and build whenever they are ready, said Plantz. Buyers are responsible for constructing their own residence.

Phase 3 of Rice Hill Garden will be constructed in three parts - Phase 3A (the current section), 3B and 3C. The next two sections will come online in the near future.

Phase 3 infrastructure was designed in collaboration with Pream Architects, engineered and supervised by Independent Consulting Engineers N.V. (ICE) and construction by Windward Roads B.V.

For more information about Rice Hill, contact Plantz on + 1 721 588 5100 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ministry VROMI and World Bank to carry out Housing Analysis

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), hereby informs residents and businesses that the Government in collaboration with the World Bank will be conducting aerial and street-view image surveys of the entire country.

The main objective of this project is to conduct a Housing Assessment.

The survey will start in the week of Monday, April 15th for a period of three weeks.

These surveys will take place during the hours of 8am to 5pm under the coordination of Ministry VROMI and the Sint Maarten Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Affairs Authority.

Residents are advised not to be alarmed by the presence of a vehicle mounted with a 360° camera driving along the public roadways as well as drone landings and take-offs in open areas throughout the country.

The Ministry of VROMI seeks the cooperation of all residents and businesses during this important data collection survey.

MinVROMI 360 Survey Drone Project vehivle

360-degree survey vehicle.



MP Jacobs seeks update on initiative law amendment to regulate the legal age sale of alcohol

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Member of Parliament (MP) and leader of National Alliance (NA) Silveria Jacobs,  recently sent a letter to the Council of Ministers CoM) and one to the Governor to express her concerns regarding the status of the “Initiative National Ordinance Amending Article 50 Sub 2 of the Permit Ordinance regulating the legal age sale of alcohol,” which was approved unanimously by the Parliament of St. Maarten since November 22nd, 2018 with the cooperation and support of the TEATT Minister Mr. S. Johnson and the Ministry of TEATT.

Since then, upon inquiry via Parliament at the office of His Excellency the Governor of St. Maarten, drs E.B. Holiday, MP Jacobs shared that she has ascertained that the aforementioned draft amendment was sent to the Council of Ministers (CoM) for their advice moving forward towards enactment.

Seeing that the Minister responsible for the enactment of this amendment was in attendance and gave his public support for it, MP Jacobs is perplexed as to why the enactment has not been given the green light by CoM in order that the official signing by the Governor and Minister can take place.

MP Jacobs is of the opinion that this amended legislation, once enacted and properly publicized, should assist TEATT inspectors, police officers and the community to be vigilant in the upholding of it, thereby protecting our young citizens and effectively fining those who deem it acceptable to sell or serve alcohol to minors. The signage of the past years by the Lions Club already played a great role in this, and this can be built upon now that penalties can be enacted as a deterrent as well.

MP Jacobs goes on to highlight the fact that the carnival season is upon us, and already the many tales of excessive negative behaviors in the streets by our youth are being heard. MP Jacobs strongly believes that access to and consumption of alcohol, parental apathy, ignorance as well as a culture of acceptance within our society, among other influences play a role in this.

Furthermore, MP Jacobs would like to see Government promote and enforce the Penal Code (APK) article where it states “Article 39 “It is forbidden to admit persons under the age of 15 to a dance party without a license from the minister, with due observance of article 31 or article 37. He who holds a dance party with due observance of article 31 or article 37 is obliged to ensure that persons under the age of 15 years are not permitted without the permit referred to in the previous paragraph.”

This is another law which should be heavily publicized and enforced in order to inform parents of their responsibilities in keeping their under aged children out of “jump-ups”. This law has been in existence for decades, yet the population is wholly unaware of it for the most part. Awareness is an important first step. Enforcement of the law, with a few prime examples of holding those caught until parents pick them up, or fining parents of those held, will surely serve as a deterrent as well. Even if the police is not able to get all youngsters out of the “jump-ups” it would be a great start, says the MP.

MP Jacobs would like to see the reach of the DCOMM radio station 107.9FM, social media and daily newspapers all be used to promote parent and youth awareness and the possible repercussions of these two laws geared at protection of our youth which are closely related to inappropriate behaviors being exhibited in great numbers by our youth, especially during this time.

MP Jacobs believes the initiative has been launched and it is important that all relevant and impactful parties join the movement to protect our youth and future of this country!

MP Jacobs appeals to the Council of Ministers to make this a priority and take swift action to highlight this law in the community.  She is committed to doing her best to bring awareness to this cause and will do so regardless. However, support within the law already approved by Parliament, and support by our executive branch of Government would go a long way in bringing it across to the population as was done with the Zero Tolerance campaign.


MP Brison submits legislation to facilitate sale of UTS Shares

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - United St. Maarten Party (USP) Member of Parliament (MP) Rolando Brison has initiated a draft national ordinance that would facilitate government with a way to sell the remaining minority shares of UTS before risking the dilution of the value of these shares.

“I have been investigating the sale of UTS for many months, once it had become clear that Curacao who owned the vast majority of the shares of UTS was going to sell its shares. In all this time, unfortunately, nothing has been done by Government to finalize the sale of our shares. My immediate fear was and still remains that should this sale not happen concurrently with Curacao, the point at which the value of the shares would be at its highest, that after the sale the shares value could see an extreme drop due to the economic concept of Share Dilution,” explained Brison as  part of the reasoning for this initiative. The MP believes a recent release by the new owner of UTS about the unfair level of risk St. Maarten bears relative to the amount of shares it owns was yet another hint that share dilution may be a real possibility. “It would not be nice, but if they follow proper procedures, they could take measures that could result in our share price dropping from Millions in value to just pennies on the guilder!”

UTS could, among other things, take on large debt against the value of the company (thus lowering the share value of St. Maarten), or worse yet, issue new shares that would dilute the value of ours.

The MP feels that left unchecked, this situation would spiral out of control and potentially rob St. Maarten and its people of literally Millions of guilders. “While a year has passed without the government doing anything to finalize the sale, I worked tirelessly with our team over the past weeks to have this law initiated due to the time sensitivity of this situation. I couldn’t in good conscience let the ineffectiveness of this government yet again hurt St. Maarten’s sustainability.” Depending on how soon the council of advice can review the advice, how soon the chair can schedule the debate on this law and other factors, the process could be finalized in just a matter of weeks from the date of submission.

The assertion of the Minister Justice that the sale of UTS has to be in the budget in order for it to go through is very far from the full truth. While having the sale of the minority shares of UTS that St. Maarten owns listed in the budget is one way that the sale can get approval, there are other much more expedient methods. Article 46 sub 3 of the National Accountability Ordinance allows for the Minister of Finance together with the responsible Minister to enact a National decree, empowered by National Ordinance, to tell shares of companies. The budget is only one such ordinance. Another way would have been for government to initiate the law in its own Draft National Ordinance and send that on to parliament, but it has been over a year since this government was sworn in and nothing was done. The final way is for MP’s to pass the law by the initiative of one of its members, which MP Brison has done with his draft initiative law.

 “It is very unfortunate that the Minister of finance, who is primarily responsible for the sale of country shares as a whole, does not seem to grasp rudimentary economics nor the accountability ordinance sufficiently, as he could have facilitated a way together with the Minister of Justice, in accordance with Article 46 of the Accountability ordinance, to bring this law to Parliament. Considering that Ministers have much more means and resources available to them to draft laws than MP’s do, it’s a shame ‘that I have to do his work for him’, but I do it proudly for my people,” stated MP Brison.

The MP plans to elucidate the importance of the sale by presenting his defense of this law to fellow members of Parliament, as is customary in the legislative process. Some possibilities where these funds from the sale could go to would be a central part of that defense. “For example, we could rebuild the library, repair schools, fix so many roofs, provide funds and economic relief to SME’s, support more training in the fields of tourism and construction for our people and even give liquidity support to the airport without astronomical and unfair conditions.”

“While tightening the belt is one way of balancing a budget, the other is income generation. I will be focusing on both aspects of these, not just cost-cutting in my tenure as an MP, and use all legal measures available to us to raise funds for our country”

This is the second legislative document the MP has initiated just 1 year into his tenure as MP, though the first to make it to the first major step by being sent to the Council of Advice. The other legislative item is the Mullet Bay Parliamentary Inquiry which the MP has submitted, which is titled ‘Giving Mullet Bay Back to the People” in living up with his campaign promise. He also noted that MP Richardson, Leader of the USP, is continuing to work tirelessly on the Plastic Ban Law, which has already received advice from the Council of Advice. “USP is working very hard for the legislative goals of the country. MP Richardson plastic ban law should be with parliament soon, and the Mullet Bay Parliamentary Inquiry has been finalized to be submitted before the end of this month. USP will continue to keep the public informed about its legislative goals,” stated MP Brison.


St. Maarten removed from IASA List

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - St Maarten was recently removed from the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) list on which it was previously listed as a Category 2 (CAT 2) Country.

St Maarten's removal is based on their being no current St Maarten airline servicing any United States destination, neither has there been a codeshare agreement with any US carrier and a St Maarten airline for four years.

It is standard under such conditions for the International program and policy division of the Federal Aviation Administration FAA of the United States Department of Transportation to remove countries from the list, whether they are CAT 1 or CAT 2. This policy was adopted by the FAA to improve the quality and accuracy of the program and the IASA list.

According to the head of Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Louis Halley "Curacao was downgraded to CAT 2 after failing its audit. At the time, Insel Air was also not flying to the United States. Since some of the responsibilities for St. Maarten's aviation service were being executed in Curacao after 10-10-10, while St. Maarten was establishing its own Civil Aviation Authority, we were automatically downgraded to CAT 2."

Halley said St. Maarten's removal from the IASA list does not mean that its score was changed the United States. What this means for St Maarten based airlines is that the prohibition of flights into the United States will remain until we are reassessed and receive a satisfactory score of CAT 1.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunication (TEATT) the honorable Stuart Johnson said on Thursday that being listed on the IASA is essential for any tourist destination, but especially for St. Maarten and the neighbouring islands it is necessary for is to remain competitive in the level of airlifts we offer.

He said, "The ability for our local carriers to engage in reciprocal code sharing exercises between American carriers is a critical component of our ability to expand the hub function of the Princess Juliana International Airport. Once the department performs its internal checks and balances I am confident that they would be able to pass the FAA examination and St. Maarten can be restored to a CAT 1 destination."

It is crucial for the Civil Aviation stakeholders in St Maarten to know that the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of TEATT remains committed and are diligently working with its partners in the Kingdom of the Netherlands to address the deficiencies.

The Department of Civil Aviation will take all the corrective actions and/or measures before the end of 2019 after which it will request an audit from the FAA so that St. Maarten can to be restored as a CAT 1 Country. Once this is done, St. Maarten airlines will have the opportunity to fly into the U.S. or to engage in Code-Sharing agreements with U.S. Airlines to facilitate visitors travelling thru St. Maarten to the U.S.  


NV GEBE experiences outages on Tuesday

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – “We hereby inform you that our distribution network suffered a major interruption yesterday, April 9, 2019,” NV GEBE said in a statement on Wednesday. 

“The interruption, after a brief investigation, was determined to have resulted from a technical challenge in the transmission cables.

“The overview of the job and the estimated repair time called for the immediate redirection of cables. The Production Plant was alerted, and cables were rerouted on the instructions of the technicians charged with the responsibility of resolving the problem.

“The lead technicians Vincent Ellis, Albert Fleming, Sheffield Busby, Marlon Rombley, Sergio Milton and Andre Milton, along with Assistant Distribution Manager, Ramiro Hernandez worked until late last night to ensure that problem was rectified, and that electricity was restored to all neighborhoods. The last cable was switched in at 21:52 pm.

“The Managing Board sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused you and thanks you for your understanding.”

gebe ins1 wed1004


Johnson gets first-hand look of new Winair Office at Airport

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY-AIRPORT) - In 2017, Winair’s Sales, Customer Service and administration offices at the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) were destroyed. Everything, including the Hanger and Warehouse was mere rubble after hurricanes Irma and Maria left their devastating mark on St. Maarten.

This devastation was similar for several other islands in the Caribbean where Winair flys. Yet, despite their personal challenges including loss of property, and for some totally or partially damaged roofs or being without water or electricity, Team Winair banded together and started cleaning the debris. What followed after was the planning and preparation for a temporary location, and the reconstruction of the Airport facility. Within six weeks of the worst natural disaster in St. Maarten’s history, Winair opened a Sales Office on the Walter Nisbeth Road in Philipsburg on October 27, 2017, and started accepting customers. People who wanted to travel abroad or get their family home now had a point of contact with Winair.

Today the airline boasts four aircrafts each with a 19-passenger capacity and its Headquarters is completely rebuilt to modern standards with a Hanger and Warehouse space to add to its improved Sales and Customer Service offices.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunication (TEATT) the Honourable Stuart Johnson recently visited the facility at the Airport to get a firsthand look at Winair's progress. Following that visit, Johnson said he was very optimistic about the future of the airline. "What I saw and based on the future plans which I know are being worked on by the Winair Management and Team, I am confident that Winair will be a force to be reckoned with in the Caribbean. It already offers ease of connectivity and the airline's future plans include increased travel options for its customers at competitive rates with excellent service."

These plans are consistent with "The Governing Program 2018 - 2022 of the St. Maarten United Christian Democratic Coalition which speaks directly about the need to consider Winair as our National Airline.

Johnson said, "Today we see significant improvements in the airline's operation and its bottom line. As we continue to rebuild our Tourism product Winair's role will become even more critical. We already depend on the airline to provide a substantial portion of our airlifts to the neighbouring island which is in line with the hub function of PJIA."

He said, "This service benefits the PJIA and improves the islands economic activities as it offers neighbouring residents the ease and convenience of daily travel to and from our island." According to Johnson the work being done now by Winair’s Management Team led by its CEO gives hope for increased airlifts through the possibility of offering interline connections in the future to larger airlines. “I must commend Mr Cleaver and his Team for an excellent job in restoring the operations of Winair at the Airport and quickly regaining ground post-Irma,” said Johnson.

According to Winair Chief Executive Officer Micheal Cleaver, the plan is for a soft opening of the newly remodelled Sales Office at the Headquarters on #69 Airport Road by April 15, 2019, to accommodate customer sales and reservations and internal administrative functions.

Projections are also positive for the grand opening of the facility which has been set for May 15th, one month later. Cleaver said the new Sales Office would offer three service positions, comfortable seating for eight, customer restroom, reception and an information desk.

The preparations for the grand opening including the installation of the final pieces of furniture are ongoing. Cleaver said Winair will keep its Philipsburg branch opened indefinitely as it "fulfils a need for Winair’s customers in Philipsburg and surrounding districts."

He said, "By offering two sales locations, service and communication is doubled allowing our customers several convenient options when planning their travel.”

Both sales offices have ample space for Customer parking, and the airline has improved on its aesthetics to benefit the customer experience by offering a coffee corner, water cooler and entertainment/tv for waiting customers.

Some new additions to its service offer will include 24-hours advanced check-in at Walter Nisbeth Road. This service will be completed within the next 120 days. Once this is finalised, travellers can check-in at Winair's office on W.A. Nisbeth Road one day in advance. This service includes checked bags, and issuance of boarding passes. Travellers can then proceed to their respective gates on the day of departure.

Cleaver said Winair continues to strive for improvement in its services. "We thank our employees for their dedication and hard work, which provided Winair with the opportunity for expansion where it was economically viable.” We also thank Pharo Construction, St. Maarten Dry Wall, Electec, Dontel, Caribwork IT, who have made our recovery a reality," said Cleaver.

Customers of Winair can look forward to a “major promotional sale" which the airline will announce during the week of the grand opening of its Airport office. Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to contact their regular travel agents or visit the Winair sales offices to inquire about future travel. You can also log on to Winair's website at for more information. Please note that the soon to be announced special sale will only be available at the WINAIR sales offices.

At present Winair has a wide range of flight options to neighbouring islands. The airline offers two daily flights to Antigua, St. Kitts and Tortola. Commencing April, 15th Winair will offer one daily service to Aruba, and five weekly services to Bonaire (via Curacao). Winair also offers a daily service to Curacao from St. Maarten, five weekly flights to Dominica and Guadeloupe, two weekly flights to Haiti and Santo Domingo from Curacao (commencing April 15th). There are also three weekly direct flights to Nevis, 4 daily flights to Saba, 4.5 daily flights to Statia, six weekly flights to San Juan Puerto Rico, five weekly flights to Santo Domingo from St. Maarten, one weekly flight to Haiti from St. Maarten. Those travellers hoping to visit St. Barth have 15 daily flight frequencies. For flight information and bookings, please contact your favourite travel agency or visit Winair online at

winair office tour tue0904


USP: UD/SMCP continues to fail at everything

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - “Failure at negotiating, selling out the country, failure at delivering promises, unable to govern properly, taking everything personally and, by their own words, fooled by the Dutch in the aftermath of Irma.” This is how the board of the United St. Maarten (US) party on Monday described the government of the United Democrats (UD) and Christian Party coalition.

The “craziness” is beyond the pale with this coalition, the USP board said, adding that the people of St. Maarten deserve better than non-stop episodes in a sad soap opera called the UD/SMCP Coalition.

“After months of drama and discord within their own ranks, today the people of St. Maarten have to tolerate a government that is allowing the Netherlands to cherry pick what it wants on St. Maarten in terms of conditions in return for liquidity support and a Prime Minister who is now on a wild vendetta to find some imaginary person who she claimed leaked information,” the USP board said. “The Prime Minister has taken the issue so personally, that she decided to make her rounds in the media to push the investigation like some badge of honor.”

“The Prime Minister is not telling the public about roofs, she is not telling us about recovery or about the airport, she has avoided pertinent questions. But finds the time to stat an investigation about a leak of information she should be sharing anyway.” The statement went on to advise the Prime Minister to save tax payers money and simply look at her own Minister of Finance as a possible leak. It was the Minister of Finance, the USP board said, who commented on the failed meeting of the St. Maarten delegation with the bondholders of the airport.

“Total and complete failure at negotiating is what the Prime Minister was trying to hide from the people of St. Maarten. Now, to cover that up or to try and deviate, the Prime Minister commissions an investigation into trying to find a leak. The Prime Minister is doing her already low reputation with the Civil Service no favors with such an investigation and wasting precious time and resources. The Prime Minister on Tuesday morning said on radio that if a person is found to have leaked information they could possibly be fired or locked up. We dare say then the Minister of Finance is in serious trouble,” the USP said.

The USP used the opportunity once again to press home its point regarding any form of financial assistance coming from the Netherlands. “It is stull blackmail, no matter how you twist and turn it. By the time the government in The Hague is done with imposing conditions on St. Maarten in return for assistance and support, the island will essentially be completely taken over by the Dutch. We wonder how much longer the so called “patriots” of the governing United Democrats (UD) and Christian Party coalition tolerate what is happening. And if you are willfully tolerating it, then you might as well tell the people the truth that you are giving away their country,” the US party board said.

“The government in the Netherlands is telling our government that our MP’s have to take a salary cut in order for St. Maarten to get liquidity support. They want to be part of the discussion about our Government owned companies, our institutions and more. Under who authority you might ask. The authority given to them by the UD/SMCP coalition who apparently was elected to answer to the politicians in Holland, not the people of St. Maarten.”

The USP board said some UD/SMCP MP’s talk a good game on the floor of Parliament, even admitting that MP William Marlin was right about the intentions of the Dutch, “but not one has shown any fortitude to say to their appointed Ministers and their Prime Minister in Particular, that enough is enough.”

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