Presentation FBE Social Studies Materials


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Presentation FBE Social Studies Materials

Minister Hon. Patricia Lourens-Philip (seventh from left) Minister Hon. Patricia Lourens-Philip (seventh from left)

PHILIPSBURG - As the Acting head of the Division for Educational Innovations I would like to present to you the copies of the FBE Social Studies text and work books that were developed as one of our projects for FBE.

One of the Core Implementation Plans for the implementation of FBE in the schools was to develop and purchase materials that are aligned to the new subject areas introduced in the FBE Curriculum.

Over the years we have purchased a number of materials for the schools and now with this project we have been able develop materials for the subject area of Social Studies. The content of the developed materials has been aligned to the content subject area for  Social Studies in the FBE Curriculum.

The books have also been translated in Dutch for those schools where Dutch is the Language of Instruction.

The books and text books are divided from Cycle 1 group 1 up to Cycle II group 4

Some of the topics covered in Cycle I group 1 are as follows:

-          My Family, My School, Our Community, My Island, Celebrations, Transportation and Communication.

In Cycle II Group 8:

-          Citizenship, Groups, Change, Climate, Economy, Industry, Government, Transportation, Communication and Technology

All Primary schools will receive copies of the materials for each child and the teachers will receive a digital version of the Teachers Manual.

We will send out a schedule with the dates when the books can be collected by the school boards.

DEI will organize workshops during the 3rd and 4th week of September in order for the Teachers familiarize themselves with the content of the materials and how they can be used in their class rooms.

This Project was funded via USONA with Funds from the OSJP projects. We had a team of local experts who worked along with the consultants with this project. These persons are Ms. Maria Cijntje - van Enckevort, Ms. Marcellia Henry and Ms. Claudia Connor.

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