BERMUDA: In Full Recovery Mode after Passing of Hurricane Gonzalo


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BERMUDA: In Full Recovery Mode after Passing of Hurricane Gonzalo

BERMUDA – Bermuda is bouncing back very quickly since the passing of major Hurricane Gonzalo on Saturday, 18th October.  Telecommunications is about 90 per cent restored, according to Digicel.  The Bermuda Telecommunications Company (BTC) says that many of its 15,000 customers who were without service after the hurricane have seen their service restored. 


BTC suffered extensive damage to its infrastructure throughout the island with serious impact to 150 main cables.


The Bermuda Electric Company Belco on Tuesday reported that less than 4000 customers still remained without electricity out of 36,000.  Restoration is moving at a fast paste.  Extra linesmen have been requested via the Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corp. and are expected to arrive later this week.  Crews have been working around the clock to restore service.


Almost all government schools will open today, Tuesday.  Some schools are still without electricity.


The Causeway is open to two-way traffic at the moment; however, at certain moments it will be closed where only one-way traffic will be allowed in order to continue with partial repairs to the main road link.


Bus service has resumed as normal while regular ferry service is operational.  The St. George’s route will resume on Wednesday.


It could also be several weeks before the final tally comes in on the costs of damage the insurance sector is reporting.  Hurricane Fabian caused about $300 million in damage; however some insurers are of the opinion that the damage from Gonzalo won’t be as high as Fabian.


The Bermuda Regiment (local military) remains operational assisting with clean-up and repairs.


The airport is open and fully operational it has been reported.  The first cruise vessels are scheduled to return on Wednesday, namely the Celebrity Infinity.


ARCHIVED: October 17, 2014 - Hurricane Gonzalo while passing across Bermuda transitioned from a category 3 to a strong category 2 hurricane.  The center of the hurricane passed around 9.30PM Friday evening.  Residents have been advised not to venture outside as the winds will come from the opposite direction as the hurricane moves away from the island.

From Friday afternoon around 4.00PM over 7,000 customers lost their electricity out of 36,000 and that figure nearly doubled to 13,000 by 5.30PM. 

On Saturday morning the utility company BELCO will carry out a damage assessment in order to start restoring electricity once clean-up efforts get underway.  Last weekend Tropical Storm Fay struck the island and up to Friday, October 17, approximately 1,500 customers were still without electricity after that storm has passed.

Damage has been reported to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital roof resulting in leaks and water damage to the inside of the building.

Firefighters were called out at 6.30PM to deal with a fire as well as medical incidents.

Norwegian cruise lines were forced to change its itinerary for Norwegian Dawn which was scheduled to call on Sunday.    

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