Let's Travel Launches New Website


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Let's Travel Launches New Website

PHILIPSBURG – Local travel agency, Let’s Travel, has launched a brand new
website online at www.lets-travel.com, which will not only cater to locals
looking to request or book flights online, but also target the inbound
travel market, allowing tourists to book flights, tours and activities via
the website as well.

Owner of Let’s Travel, Terrance Rey, said that the website took a long
time for him to complete but he felt that after the passing of hurricane
Gonzalo last week, it was imperative to boost St. Maarten’s travel
offerings online so that the island as a tourist destination can get more
visibility as the Caribbean islands will certainly be ramping up the
competition to promote and sell their respective destinations.

“A comprehensive website like that of Lets-Travel.com offering many travel
products and tour services for inbound travellers to St. Maarten is a
welcome addition to the marketing arsenal of the island’s tourism sales
infrastructure.” says Terrance Rey.

The website will also serve as a webportal to AirStMaarten’s commercial
charter flights with specials to Guyana, Jamaica, Miami, Aruba, Colombia
and later on Brazil as that South American market opens up once St.
Maarten and Brazil conclude an open skies treaty.

“For the past eight years AirStMaarten has been organizing both private
and shared charters to the surrounding islands of St. Barths, Anguilla,
St. Kitts, Nevis, Tortola and Antigua & Barbuda for passengers transitting
through St. Maarten, but the time is right with the launch of
Lets-Travel.com to promote inbound travel to St. Maarten itself with
services that will attract clients of AirStMaarten to actually visit and
stay on the island itself.” explains Rey.

“Our group of travel companies, partners and affiliates will use  the
platform of the new Let’s Travel website as a portal to all the different
travel products and services that are on offer. We look forward to helping
put St. Maarten back on the map as the prime vacation destination in the
Northeastern Caribbean region.” concludes Terrance Rey.

For more information, call +1-721-542-2381, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
visit www.lets-travel.com.

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