Questions Central Dialogue Bonaire on social minimum

Questions Central Dialogue Bonaire on social minimum

BONAIRE - The Central Dialogue on Bonaire held meetings again on July 1st and 4th. This time their focus was mainly on the progress letter ‘Benchmark social security Caribbean Netherlands’ (Ijkpunt bestaanszekerheid Caribisch Nederland), which the State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment sent to the Tweede Kamer on June 27th, 2019.

Response to social minimum
In response, the Central Dialogue has sent a letter to the State Secretary. Among other things, the letter touches base about the experienced frustration about a lack of commitment and consistent policy so far. As a result, the efforts and involvement of the business community and of civil society organizations have not been fully realized. The Central Dialogue also expresses its support for the clear commitment of the State Secretaries of SZW and BZK. Another step is being taken towards a full social minimum on Bonaire.

At the same time, the Central Dialogue still has a number of comments and questions. For example, they are still noting a big difference between what is minimally needed on Bonaire and the benchmarks set in the letter from the State Secretary. The Central Dialogue would like to know from the State Secretary when aforementioned measures, especially on the cost side, will be taken.

Statutory minimum wage
In the letter, the Central Dialogue also requests that consultations be held on compensatory measures for the announced increase in the statutory minimum wage as of January 1st, 2020. In a more general sense, clarity is also asked about the involvement of the Central Dialogue in important policy intentions of the Ministry. The State Secretary is cordially invited to soon meet with the Central Dialogue.

Joint statement
The Central Dialogue has also drawn up a joint statement in which it is agreed to start with consultations on a ‘Broad agreement 2020-2023’ in autumn of 2019. The purpose thereof is to come to a broadly supported and consistent socio-economic policy for Bonaire.

Central Dialogue Bonaire now also has a website on which relevant publications can be found. Visit

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