WEATHER WATCH: Rigorous Tropical Wave must be Watched

WEATHER WATCH: Rigorous Tropical Wave must be Watched

SINT MAARTEN/CARIBBEAN – According to Crown Weather, there is a Tropical Wave that has come off the coast of Africa and is to head towards the Lesser Antilles during the course of the week.

Weather watchers will be paying close attention to this system as it gets closer to the Lesser Antilles. After it passes 45 West degrees, conditions become more favorable for its development such as the sea water temperature. Once it passes 50 degrees West conditions even become more favorable for development.

The Tropical Wave is expected to impact the weather of the Lesser Antilles next week Sunday, August 4 or next Monday.

“A fairly robust tropical wave has pushed off of the west coast of Africa and this wave requires our very close attention as it moves westward across the eastern and then central Atlantic this coming week.

This particular tropical wave is expected to be in an environment that is favorable for development due to the fact that the upward motion pulse of the Madden Julian Oscillation will be placed right over the Atlantic. This, in turn, will cause a favorable background state for tropical development as these upward motion pulses lead to a more unstable environment across the Atlantic and an atmosphere that is more ripe for robust thunderstorm activity,” Crown Weather said on Sunday.


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