Family days out are more expensive this summer but no one complains

Family days out are more expensive this summer but no one complains

Emmen Zoo. Photo: Luciën Olinga Emmen Zoo. Photo: Luciën Olinga

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Museums and zoo entry prices have soared in the last five years, making a day out for all the family a much more expensive proposition, figures from the national statistics agency CBS show.

Ticket prices went up by as much as 17% while the average price hike in the Netherlands was no more than 7%. Entry prices to cinemas, theatres, and concert venues also exceeded the average with a 10% to 14% increase.

The CBS also looked at parking rates – up 16%- and snacks, which were 15% cheaper in 2014. The price of petrol fell by 4% while diesel was 5% cheaper.

Zoo entry prices are not in line with the average rise of goods and services because apart from higher value added tax, zoos have to invest, spokeswoman Lisette de Ruigh told broadcaster NOS.

‘We have to finance new and sustainable housing for the animals. We want to teach our visitors love and respect for nature and that comes with a price,’ De Ruigh said.

Consumer association Consumentenbond said it has not received any complaints about the price hikes. ‘If people are willing to pay than it’s simply a matter of market forces. Moreover, such outings are not a primary necessity,’ a spokesperson for the association said.


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