SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - Every year CC1 St. MAARTEN commemorates our Carnival celebration with out of the box, provocative, and stimulating promotions that engage our consumers and set the tone for the island’s premier cultural showdown! For 2020, together with Coca-Cola, CC1 is thrilled to present the “2020 COLD ACTIVATED ST. MAARTEN CARNIVAL COCA-COLA CAN”.

The “cold activation” technology causes the colors on the can to brighten once the can has been chilled to 43-50 Fahrenheit. In the case of the 2020 ST. MAARTEN CARNIVAL COCA-COLA CAN, the iconic “Carnival Lady” will burst into an array of beautiful bright colors. The “Carnival Lady” has been featured on the St. Maarten Coca-Cola can each year since its inception in 2016.

The 2020 Carnival Coca-Cola cans are expected to be available in stores island wide by the end of February. These cans have become “must have” memorabilia for both local collectors as well as international collectors and die-hard Coca- Cola fans from every corner of the world. For the many visitors to the island, who also enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola, the Carnival edition as has become a unique souvenir of St. Maarten, our Carnival celebration, and of their visit to our little slice of paradise!

CC1 St. Maarten Senior Brand marketing Manager, Agnetha Huijting, further elaborated on the company’s efforts to promote all forms of recycling on the island, and the emphasis that CC1 places on educating and encouraging the younger generation to do their part in keeping the environment clean. “What they learn today will form their habits for tomorrow! Keeping our island clean is everybody’s business”.

As part of the Coca-Cola worldwide sustainability program, CC1 St. Maarten will continue to promote awareness in St. Maarten by placing several Coca-Cola Recycling stations, where you can deposit your aluminum cans and plastic bottles. This effort is being made in collaboration with Meadowlands BV who is an advocate in promoting recycling habits on the island and the department of VROMI. As an extra “bonus”, when you bring your empties to the recycling stations, consumers are encouraged to post their picture on Facebook or Instagram and qualify to win weekly prizes. Participants will also be entered to win the “grand finale” prize of NAF 5,000.00 which will be announced in May.

The weekly prizes will consist of beach towels, reusable bottles, wireless chargers, coolers, t-shirts and more. The winner of the “grand finale” prize will be awarded to the individual with the most “shares/likes” on the social media campaign.

Bringing your recyclables can be done 24/7 at several locations throughout the island including Mc Donalds Belvedere, Texaco Gas Station Simpson Bay , Prime Cash and Carry , Pondfill near Tutti’s Pizza and Econofood Supermarket according to Agnetha Huijting. She re-emphasized that Coca-Cola’s intention is to inspire consumers to reduce waste by recycling and finding ways to re-use empty Coca-Cola cans.

CC1 St. Maarten is a leader in beverage, beer, spirit, and wine distribution on St. Maarten and the surrounding islands with offices, warehouse, and distribution center located in Cay Hill, St. Maarten. CC1 is committed to corporate responsibility in every community where it is active.

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