UPDATED: COVID-19 cases increase to two, 70 now under quarantine

UPDATED: COVID-19 cases increase to two, 70 now under quarantine

Saba Island Governor J. Johnson Saba Island Governor J. Johnson

SABA (THE BOTTOM) – There are now two confirmed COVID-19 cases on the island of Saba and the number persons under quarantine has grown to 70. The Government of Saba has also released information related to the various processes that have been put in place with respect to the two-week lock-down.

Saba Processes During Lock-Down

Banking: RBC bank will be closed. If clients have questions, they can contact the Help desk at no. +17215467288.

Drive in hospital. For patients that call with Covid-19 symptoms the hospital is setting up an emergency drive in area. It will be located under the ambulance corridor. This is to separate the possibly infected persons from the general hospital building and at the same time it limits the amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) usage that would be needed for house visits. These people will be requested by the hospital to come visit the drive in.

The Home will be in a complete lock-down during this time.

Exemptions. During the OMT on Sunday, exemptions for the following groups were discussed: Farmers and Animal Owners are exempted and can farm 6-9 am and 3-6 pm; Saba Electric essential workers are provided an exemption; Saba Telecom essential workers are provided an exemption; Fishermen: Commercial fishermen can fish only during the time allotted to them, other boat owners can inspect their mooring during the time slot of 6-10 am; General Exemption: A general exemption list for essential workers is being worked on; Specific Exemptions: If you have a specific responsibility which you feel is a necessity, such as picking up cargo, you may send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 416 5361 between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. If your request is approved you will receive a permission letter for this task only. In your request include your name, description of the task and date it needs to be carried out.

Gas Station. The gas station will be open from 8 am until 12 pm from Monday to Friday, for persons working in essential services and others who have received special permission to be on the road in order to complete certain tasks. Only 1 vehicle at a time will be allowed by the pump/gas station. Other vehicles should wait at the entrance until signaled to enter.

Groceries. The supermarkets will have a delivery service only:

1. Orders placed digitally or by phone in the mornings are delivered in the afternoon

2. Orders placed in the afternoon are delivered the following morning

3. Contact information and Online banking details will be distributed in a separate document.

Help Desk: A help desk has been set up to assist with any questions you may have on the various social and economic relief packages. Please send your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LPG/Cooking gas: a pick-up and delivery service is being arranged for cooking gas cylinders. Once this is finalized the details will be communicated.

Meals on wheels. Meals on wheels will continue, but will only be done via delivery. Pick-ups are not allowed at this time. The clients will be contacted will more information on this.

Pharmaceuticals. The pharmacy will have a delivery service only. Urgent medication will take priority. It is recommended that you call and order prescription renewals 7 days before it runs out. The phone number is 416 3400.

Telecom and Electricity: Saba telecom and Saba electric will be communicating any adjustments, which will occur with their own processes.

Water Delivery for cisterns: Water delivery will still be possible during this time. Interaction with drivers must be limited. Online banking payment is preferred.

saba covid as of apr 13

ARCHIVE - SABA (THE BOTTOM) – The Island Governor Jonathan Johnson in an update on Sunday evening stated that 61 persons are now under quarantine for 14-days. The persons under quarantine are those who had close contact with the positive COVID-19 case; also, those who had close contact with the suspected COVID-19 patient as well as their households.

21 persons have been tested whereby one test came back positive for COVID-19 thereby confirming the island’s first case. Johnson said that they are awaiting the results of another test as well as the results of the person with pneumonia.

The Island Governor said that contact tracing continues, and an investigation is also underway to determine how the person got infected. The train of thought is that the person entered the island before the borders were closed.

Since the island is on lock down, Johnson said that information will be provided on Monday to the residents with respect to what processes will be in place for essential services (grocery stores) and medication.

The Island Government is working diligently to also put in place protocols for boat owners, farmers, fishermen, and animal husbandry owners.

ARCHIVE - SABA (THE BOTTOM) - Over the past weeks we have been working together with the aim of preventing COVID-19 from being introduced to the island, the Saba Government said in a statement on Saturday evening.

“Despite all of the precautionary measures taken, this evening I have to inform you, that one of the three tests taken has returned as positive. Unfortunately, this means that we now have COVID-19 on the island.

“This positive test was one of the other two taken from persons on island and is not the patient with pneumonia. The patient who is positive is experiencing mild symptoms and is doing well. We are still waiting for the second tests to return for the patient in St. Maarten and for the results of the third person tested.

“The positive case is considered a local transmission as this person has no travel history within the past weeks. This indicates that the virus has already been introduced to the island community and it is possible that more cases could follow.

“We have had many measures in place since March 16th, with the intention that if something like this did occur, that the spread would be limited. But because of this new development, further measures will be implemented which will help contain the spread of the virus.

“As of midnight tonight, Sunday, April 12th, we will go on a mandatory lock-down. This will be in place for at least the next two weeks.

“This new measure is being taken to ensure your safety and the health of our community. We know that this may be inconvenient, but it is necessary that we take these measures to ensure that we contain the spread of this virus.

“More information on how vital services will continue during this time, will be communicated tomorrow afternoon.

“In addition to this, all persons who may have had close contact with the patient are being contacted and will be in mandatory quarantine. These persons will be monitored and tested during the quarantine period.

“It is very important that these measures are adhered to. The local police will play a central role in enforcing this lock down. All instructions from the police must be followed immediately. Fines will be implemented and given to those not adhering to the lock down.

“Again, if you are experiencing any respiratory problems, do not come into the hospital. Instead call to discuss your symptoms and you will then receive further instructions.

“We have and will continue to take measures with the aim of protecting our community. But these measures are only effective with your co-operation. Adhere to the measures in place and continue to work together with us for the safety of our community.”

ARCHIVE - SABA (THE BOTTOM) – Saba’s Island Governor Jonathan Johnson announced on Saturday that a person with severe pneumonia had to be medevacked off island on Friday for further medical treatment.

The patient was COVID-19 tested on Friday; however, a second test was done, and the health authorities are still awaiting the results.  Another three tests are also pending the results.

In the meantime, 18 persons have been placed under quarantine protocols. On April 7, the Government of Saba announced that only seven were left in self-quarantine which represents a large increase.

Protocols at the Hospital and Old Home have been re-enforced.  

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