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SINT MAARTEN (COLE BAY) – Leader of the Peoples Progressive Alliance (PPA) Gracita Arrindell said on Monday: “Around the world many CEO’s and small business alike depending on the product manufacture and supply, stepped forward to adapt their respective companies to make products direly needed in aid of first responders in the health care industry or those at the frontline, such as police officers. They heeded the calls by government or took the initiative to fill the sudden void to create life saving products that were once in abundance, like surgical masks or –gowns, sanitizers.

“Items we considered a natural necessity as we went about our daily lives until the COVID -19 pandemic knocked on almost every nations shores in a domino’s effect around the globe. Until recently these items have become commodities. Scarce, and highly wanted.”

Gracita states: “Sint Maarten is no exception. There are many persons, businesses none- profit organizations and volunteers who are doing their share to assist government to cope with the prevention as well as the aftermath of this horrible pandemic.

“One such company that answered the call to help, right here is Topper’s.

Well-known by one of its companies that distills Sint Maarten based products, owner Topper Daboul and his distillery team including Ms. Melanie, stepped forward to produce a hand-sanitizer to temporarily alleviate the current and critical void. This item is direly needed especially for our law- enforcement agencies that are at the frontline daily. It took collaborative minds to get this action done quickly and effectively. Kudos goes out to Ms. Cleopatra Halley for making all this happen by quick and creative thinking out of the box, bringing parties together for the common good. Together with law-enforcement, community police officer Mr. Felix Richards, Mr. Neville Halley of Halley- Aviation, Bryan Fredericks who made it all happen”.

Gracita concludes: “There’s always a time to step in and support where and when needed. What makes us great as a nation is our ability to be open, creative and inclusive in our joint efforts to be successful in combatting this common enemy, the COVID-19 virus. Small steps, can lead to big results in keeping our people safe.”

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