French side embarks on community testing from May 4-18

French side embarks on community testing from May 4-18

SAINT-MARTIN (MARIGOT) – According to a statement from the Communication Directorate of the Collectivite of Saint-Martin, the latter and the St. Martin Hospital Centre will collaborate in a community testing program.

The strategy is to expand testing within the districts of Sandy Ground, Saint James and Orleans Quarter.

The process will include: 1. Identifying people who are symptomatic of COVID-19/2. 2. Collect vital settings; 3. Take a nasopharyngeal PCR sample; 4. Take care of the patient if the PCR result is positive; 5. Search for contacts of the positive case; 6. And inform the public about symptomatology and possible remedies.

The Hospital Centre will provide two doctors trained in the collection of samples, a State-educated nurse and the necessary administrative support staff. The Collectivite of Saint-Martin will provide communication and make available the premises in the neighbourhoods where the testing will take place.

The operation, is supported by the ARS of Guadeloupe, whose director will be in Saint-Martin on Tuesday, and the testing will take place from 4 to 18 May and will be in collaboration with neighbourhood councils, neighbourhood associations, and the Red Cross.

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