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Leadercast Live 2020 Attendees Empowered To Overcome Challenges of Covid-19

Participants at Leadercast 2019 including the Ombudsman and members of her team. (Photo contributed.) Participants at Leadercast 2019 including the Ombudsman and members of her team. (Photo contributed.)

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - "I must express my gratitude to this year's Leadercast. It was so on target. This is what we needed to prepare us for the reopening of our island. As we have had time to reflect or are still reflecting on the information and encouragement shared, today was on the button. Whatever we do must be a community effort. Trust yourself, plan, do a SWOT and go for it!"

These glowing comments were shared by Clara Curiel, an educator and manager on May 7th, 2020, after experiencing Leadercast Live virtually, in the comfort of her home.

Leadercast is the world’s largest one day leadership conference streamed live from Atlanta Georgia, to hundreds of host sites around the world, including Victorious Living Foundation ((VLF). VLF is the non-profit organization based on St. Maarten and headed by Dr. Erna Mae Francis Cotton its visionary. This is the eighth year that VLF has been hosting Leadercast, designed to create leaders who are worth following.

The theme this year was “Positive Disruption.” Leaders of all levels were called upon to shake up the status quo and drive opportunities for innovation and change. The message that echoed through each of the nine influential change-makers who graced the Leadercast stage was: “As leaders we must not fear disruption, we must embrace it. We must face it head on with determination and focus.”

Veteran educator of 54 years and forthcoming author of, In Emilio Wilson Park with Uncle Joe, Oswald Francis, said this of the conference:

"Leadercast 2020 was exceptional. I have heard of this prestigious conference before and decided to participate this year. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The presenters were dynamic; the information was practical, current and very useful. Every presenter was impressive and the nuggets received were invaluable. My favourites are Andy Stanley, Richard Montanez and Magic Johnson. I recommend that all and sundry become part of the Leadercast family."

Francis and the 35 participants who attended Leadercast Live through Victorious Living, learned powerful navigational tools for bouncing back and coping in the midst of Covid-19.

Andy Stanley—Best-Selling Author and Leadership Communicator shared the following powerful nugget which should be embraced by leaders locally, regionally, and globally.

“In times of disruption, clarity is the next best thing to certainty. People crave certainty. No matter how good you are as a leader, you cannot provide certainty. It is beyond our control. We can promise it but we can’t guarantee it. While we can’t provide certainty we can provide credibility. Information doesn’t usually create panic. Withholding information is what often creates panic. It forces people to seek information from unreliable sources; then there is misinformation, conflicting information and that’s what causes people to panic. But information from someone who has authority and access to more information helps to provide clarity; though it doesn’t remove uncertainty.”

Considering how extremely vital Leadercast is to the growth of our nation, Victorious Living will re-broadcast Leadercast on October 9th during VLF’s Leadership Summit from October 9th to 10th at the Simpson Bay Resort Conference Room. Space is limited, as persons have already begun registering for this transformational event.

For more information, or to register, persons may call 1-721-524-8731 or visit https://www.victoriouslivingfoundation.com/441333998 and click the registration link.

LEAD Participants Engaged at Leadercast 2019 with Gayle King INS1

Participants Engaged at Leadercast 2019 with Gayle King.



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