Wearing of a mask is mandatory on public transport in Saint-Martin

Wearing of a mask is mandatory on public transport in Saint-Martin

A person wearing a face mask to protect. (file photo) A person wearing a face mask to protect. (file photo)

SAINT-MARTIN (MARIGOT) - The use of masks is mandatory in vehicles, intercity public transport (TCI Bus - 9 seats), public transport (BUS - 9 places) and Taxis de Saint-Martin (5 - 16 seats), the Collectivity of Saint-Martin said in a press statement.

The Collectivite of Saint-Martin has taken all useful measures by territorial decree,following national directives and in support of its territorial jurisdiction, in order to regulate the transport conditions of transit passengers and taxi customers, as part of the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the territory.

Following the government's decision to impose the widespread wearing of masks in enclosed areas from Monday 20 July 2020, the Collectivite is reminding users and operators of public transport and taxis, the obligation to wear a protective mask and to respect the distance in buses and taxis including in waiting areas (road station, stops and taxi station), in accordance with territorial decree A-2413/2020 of 28 July 2020, in order to combat the resurgence and spread of Covid-19.

  • Signage has already been put in different places at the Marigot bus station and the Front-de-Mer taxi station for the safety of passengers and operators. Posters detailing the current guidelines have been ordered and will be installed as early as next month.
  • Important : Il est rappelé aux opérateurs de transport de personnes (Bus, TCI et Taxis) qu'en raison des mesures de distanciation physique, le transport autorisé de passagers est effectué en capacité réduite de moitié (Bus/TCI maximum de 4 passagers, Bus/TCP maximum 7 ou 8 passagers selon la taille du véhicule de 15 ou 16 places, Bus/TCP maximum 17 passagers pour les véhicules de 35 places).  

The Collectivite of Saint-Martin is asking public transport users to follow these health guidelines to protect the population. The Collectivite's supervisory officers are responsible for reminding everyone of these instructions (users and carriers). Random checks may be carried out by law enforcement. Violators face a flat-rate fine of 135 euros.

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