ENNIA: “Clients app more frequently and call less”

ENNIA: “Clients app more frequently and call less”

CURACAO (WILLEMSTAD) - “Many people who have a question for us are quick to pick up the phone, while it’s smarter and faster to send an app or chat.” According to Patrick Thissen from ENNIA, in our private lives it’s the most natural thing in the world to send a quick app or Facebook message via messenger. “But when people have a ‘business’ question for the government, a company, or organization, they often choose the phone instead. While they could easily use social media in that case as well.

In Patrick’s opinion, calling costs more time. “You could end up waiting in a queue, for example, or might have to wait while the answer to your question is being looked into. That’s why at ENNIA we’ve started an campaign to make our clients aware of the ease of using new media, such as chatting, sending an app or reaching out via Facebook.”

Sending an app or chatting will replace calling

“We’re in a transition phase. Just as sending letters by post has partially disappeared, calling will also become less and less common. Look at young people. They’re already online a big part of the day. A quick online chat is very normal to them. It’s something they do on the spur of the moment. They don’t feel like ending up in a queue when calling. This is a growing trend that is only getting stronger. Social Media is too easy to use. Look how often we send apps in our private lives. We’re going to start doing that more and more with businesses as well.”

ENNIA is fully adapting to this trend of quick channels with short text messages. You can already find a live chat function on ENNIA.com. “For questions coming in via social media we have a dedicated webcare team readily available. If it’s a little busy, or something needs to be looked up, you can just carry on and go about your business. Your reply will come in automatically.” From Patrick’s point of view, chatting online or sending an app feels personal. “The language is quick and friendly. When done well, it makes people happy.”

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