BIP SXM host virtual ‘Unreal Campaign’ at the Sint Maarten Vocational Training School

BIP SXM host virtual ‘Unreal Campaign’ at the Sint Maarten Vocational Training School

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - “The Unreal Campaign educates young consumers to help them make smart purchasing decisions today and in the future. As young consumers make their footprint in commerce, especially e-commerce, we want them to know what’s behind what they buy.

The Unreal Campaign is our consumer awareness initiative to educate those aged 14 to 23 about the importance of trademarks and brands and the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products. We reach them through illustrative, relatable presentations, largely at schools, youth-oriented events, or virtual platforms, and through social media engagement. We’re making an impact worldwide. With the support of the Unreal Campaign Committee and other volunteers, we’ve directly reached more than 47,000 students in 39 jurisdictions since we unveiled the Campaign in 2012.”

The Bureau for Intellectual Property (BIP SXM) makes its second visit to the Sint Maarten Vocational Training School (SMVTS) in continuation of the ‘Unreal Campaign’ workshops. The three-day workshop was held virtually this year, due to the covid-19 pandemic measures and taking into consideration that most schools were physically closed and providing classes online.

The Director, Mrs. Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford, together with the Policy Advisor/Deputy Director, Mrs. Aarti Jusia-Ramdihal, gave a partially interactive presentation of the ‘Unreal Campaign’ to students of the 3rd and 4th year.

The presentation touched on Intellectual Property (IP), counterfeit products and their social-economic influence in a country. The students were also presented with the possible consequences of the use of counterfeit products which range from clothing to medication. The end of the presentation had a surprise interactive game that the students enthusiastically took part in.

In closing, the Director ended with a personalized message to the students;
Keep in mind/be aware that not all what glitters is gold. The less known brand or less expensive brand often turn out to be of much better quality than counterfeited goods or products which makes them more valuable. 

"the more modest-looking things in life have the kind of substance that makes them more valuable".

The Sint Maarten Vocational Training School management, very pleased with the workshop, awarded the Bureau with a certificate of appreciation.

The INTA ‘Unreal Campaign’ series provided by BIP SXM, will continue virtually throughout the schoolyear. “The intention is to give presentations to all the secondary schools in Sint Maarten, with the goal to reach as many students as possible”, says the Director.

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