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Minister Lake visits Church Hill Round-a-bout and Commends Small Entrepreneur Spaceless Gardens for a Job well done

L to R, Entrepreneur and business owner of Spaceless Gardens and Minister Hon. Maurice Lake. L to R, Entrepreneur and business owner of Spaceless Gardens and Minister Hon. Maurice Lake.

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake, on Thursday visited Church Hill Round-a-bout where he was given a tour by local entrepreneur Denicio Wyatte, owner and operator of Spaceless Gardens.

“I was very impressed with the quality of work that this young local entrepreneur carried out at the round-a-bout.  Denicio Wyatte has done a beautiful job with the input of local agriculturalist Joslyn Richardson. 

“Wyatte recently formed his own company and has hit the ground running,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday after being briefed by Wyatte about the type of flowers that were planted as well as about the process of landscaping.

Spaceless Gardens has been working on the round-a-bout for approximately two months and completed its landscaping activities during the past week.

“The re-landscape process of the round-a-bout took a while due to underground pipelines having to be carefully restructured for irrigation, the last structure that was put into place was totally damaged because of the over growth of the wild palms that were left without the proper maintenance.

“The new design created by me and local agriculturalist Joslyn Richardson does not express its full potential as yet. In the next few months and with proper maintenance, the community and drivers will witness its full potential when passing by this round-a-bout.

“The design is meant to have the shape of a star effect in rotation as the driver cruises by. The star consists of Darante Gold plants that will form a nice hedge border. The border of the star will be outlined by beautiful red and yellow Lantana Flowers, surrounded by beautiful St. Augustine Grass and Fox Tail Palm trees.The Center Statue can finally be fully seen and will be surrounded by multicolored bougainvillea flowers,” Denicio Wyatte explained on Thursday.

Minister Lake added, “I have full confidence in our local entrepreneurs!  They can do the job just as good as anybody else from abroad.  We have to give them the opportunity.

“I would like to see all round-a-bouts adopted by local companies and beautified by our local young entrepreneurs.  They know about beautification and should be given the opportunity to beautify our landmarks,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake pointed out.

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