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More Value & More Data with New Chippie Mobile Plans

More Value & More Data with New Chippie Mobile Plans

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Leading telecoms provider Flow has announced major enhancements to its Chippie prepaid mobile plans with the introduction of new Combo bundles and Data bundles that include unlimited talk and data roll-over.

The all-new Combo bundles combine data, minutes, and SMS text, and provide customers with more bang for their buck with the introduction of unlimited talk time, additional data, and data roll-over, while the new Data bundles provide huge data and include a data roll-over feature with one, three, seven and 30-day options.

“In celebration of our new bundles we are offering double the data on all our new data bundles. We realize the importance of keeping in touch in this digital age and are committed to doing everything we can to support our customers as they strive to get their lives and businesses back on track. Our teams have listened and have worked hard on ways to assist by enhancing our mobile offerings,” said Charlesworth Sydney, Country Manager of Flow Eastern Caribbean.

“Our focus is always our customer, so it is imperative that we listen and adapt our offerings to satisfy the changing needs based on our increasingly dynamic environment. The world is changing, as do the needs of our customers, so we must adapt as well to continue to show up for our customers. Our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

The introduction of a flat fee to add extra data to Combo bundles also eliminates any additional charges for out-of-plan data usage. This new feature leaves it entirely up to the customer if they want to buy extra data at a simple flat fee. There are no unexpected charges and extra data can be purchased at any time during the bundle duration.          

The codes to activate Chippie’s new Combo and Data bundles have also been simplified for a smoother experience and all plans can now be activated by sending an SMS to short-code 3434 and customers can also switch between the various bundle options as they see fit.

Reactivation will also remain simple with an automated renewal feature, eliminating the need to remember SMS activation-codes after the initial activation, and with sufficient prepaid credit on the account, there is no need to send codes to activate.

“Although customers were generally pleased with our mobile speeds and our LTE coverage, we listened to some feedback that pointed to the need for an easier-to-manage experience and more value on mobile minutes and data. Now more than ever, staying connected is critical, so our new plans offer more data, unlimited talk, and roll-over data,” added Sydney.

“The changes to the way our bundles work offers a more seamless, user-friendly experience. Essentially, we have added more value without asking customers to pay more. That’s part of our commitment to deliver more for our customers.”

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