Fashion & Art Ova' Guavaberry set for December 3

Fashion & Art Ova' Guavaberry set for December 3

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Stacy-Ann Taylor Studio is pleased to announce its first annual ‘Fashion & Art Ova’ Guavaberry’ which will take place on Friday evening December 3rd at Emilio Wilson Park.

‘Fashion & Art Ova’ Guavaberry’ is a crossover of Fashion, Culture and Artistry. A true manifestation of blooming cultural practices and expressions layered in various shades of creatively fashionable pieces displayed in an array of artistic emotions. The ‘Fashion & Art Ova’ Guavaberry’ event has the power to not only bring people together, to entertain and inform but also to educate and inspire.

This highly anticipated Fashion, Art and Cultural event does all these things, challenging perceptions and providing a new point of view via a wide variety of activities. The show will entail a combination of high fashion and cultural wear fashion show, poetry, dance, singing and different art exhibitions to name a few, against the historical background of Emilio Wilson Park.

St. Maarten / Saint Martin, a thirty-seven square miles island known proudly for the inhabitance of over one hundred various nationalities, yet! quite often the conversation of, “who is a St. Maartener”, arises. ‘Fashion & Art Ova Guavaberry’ takes its stance as a culturally dynamic crossover between fashion and art on a platform which showcases, tells, preserves and passes on our, St. Maarten’s most sacred treasures to current and future generations irrespective of origin.

The event will be hosted by Clara Reyes, co-founder of the National Institute of Arts (NIA), Cultural Icon and of one of the gate keepers of St. Maarten’s cultural inheritance.

Tickets will be on sale for USD 25 each at Stacy-ann Taylor Studio as of October 11th 2021 (with and early bird special for USD 20 until November 15th 2021). The event will start at 6:30PM and will last two hours, to end around 8:30PM. 


Stacy-Ann is a self-taught makeup artist, with numerous years of experience at MAC Cosmetics as senior makeup artist and product specialist. Stacy-Ann has been working in this field for over half a decade providing make up for many different occasions, like bridal makeup, fashion makeup, photo shoots, corporate websites and commercial video’s to name a few.

Besides makeup, fashion has always been her passion ever since she can remember. Before pursuing a career as a makeup artist, Stacy-Ann has been working at different boutiques in St. Maarten like Liz Claiborne and Qui Boutique.

With all the experiences gained in the makeup and fashion field, Stacy-ann decided to establish her own Studio to bring her knowledge together and help clients with makeup artistry, image consultancy, creative concept development, photography assistant and providing models. For this last group Stacy-Ann specifically started a modeling agency.​


The modeling Agency of Stacy-Ann Taylor Studio has created a diverse group of talented individuals, connecting them with the best in the business. The aim is to pave the way to success for our aspiring stars, providing them with all the tools, resources, and personalized attention they need to make it to the top.

The model agency focuses on offering a variety of services were models are required like (corporate) promotional video’s and photo shoots, video and photo shoots for the music and entertainment industry as well as cat-walks and fashion shows for both the local as regional market and in the future the international market.

For interested companies or media outlets that would like to participate or have more information about ‘Fashion & Art Ova Guavaberry’ or schedule a personal interview with Stacy-Ann, please contact her directly by phone: +1721-5226866 or by email.

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