Prime Minister Jacobs Mother’s Day Greetings 2022

Prime Minister Jacobs Mother’s Day Greetings 2022

Prime Minister Hon. Silveria Jacobs Prime Minister Hon. Silveria Jacobs

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten Hon. Silveria Jacobs released her Mother’s Day message on Sunday as the nation celebrates.

“Today we honor mothers as the core of the family, naturally the first nurturers which carry us through our first 40 weeks of life, then nurse and nurture us, and are our first caregivers and teachers.

“The saying ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’ clearly indicates how important the role of the mother is in our communities, our island nation, and our world.

“For those who are mothers whether biologically, or by choice -having chosen to be that nurturer for a child or children - may your day be a blessed and a happy one. May the love and lessons you have poured into the lives you’ve loved, nurtured, and blessed return to you 1000-fold. To touch a life is to indeed make a difference and you have done just that.

“To all of us who are blessed to have loving mothers or mother figures whether alive or in spirit, we give thanks to you for shaping our lives and making us who we are. Whether it be a note, a drawing, picture, card, flowers, gift, hugs, kisses, or a special day out, show them how much you care, especially today.

“Our gratitude to all mothers and nurturers in our lives is beyond measure and we pledge to demonstrate this all year round.

“On behalf of the Government of St. Maarten - Happy Mother’s Day 2022 to each of you, the gratitude and love of your “children” should surely fill your hearts today.

“May God continue to bless you for the selfless love you pour into your children thereby making St. Maarten a better place for all."

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