Cay-Hill Community Council hosts its first Community Cleanup

Cay-Hill Community Council hosts its first Community Cleanup

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SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - The Cay-Hill Community Council in their plight to lead by example in keeping the island Clean, held their first Cay-Hill Community Clean Up over the weekend on Saturday the 10th of October 2022, stated President of the Community Council Angelique Romou in a press statement on Sunday.

The President of the Cay-Hill Community Council Angelique Romou said that the Cay-Hill Community Council decided that it was important to shed light on the importance of keeping our neighborhood and by extension our island clean by hosting this clean up.

Romou also stated that the council is hosting various activities to forge a stronger bond with residents of the Cay Hill Community and that the Cay-Hill Community cleanup was its third initiative for this year. The cleanup started at the Cay-Hill Community Space located next to the tennis court at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex in Cay-Hill and the cleanup took residents and a representative of Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC), through the various streets of the Cay-Hill district.

Romou was quoted as saying “A very noticeable trend we found throughout the cleanup was that a lot of trash was thrown in areas where there is a lot of Bush,” which can mean that persons dispose of their trash where they feel no one will see.

This cleanup was the first of many to be held as it is the intention to send a strong message to the community that keeping our communities clean is very important and that it is essential to use the garbage bins which are provided on the side of the roads to dispose of trash. St. Maarten is not only the friendly island, but it should also be a clean island and throwing trash on the roads is not acceptable behavior.

Romou thanked the residents and street leaders who participated in the cleanup and also thanked Ms. Riddhi Samtani who represented the EPIC for her participation and assistance as EPIC provided the Cay-Hill Community Council with the recyclable garbage bags, gloves and trash Pickers for the cleanup.

In closing Romou said “We should remember that St. Maarten is our home and that we should always strive to keep it clean.” As the council continues to build their community, the next Cay-Hill Community activity will be a soup sale slated for Friday the 30th of September 2022 at the Cay-Hill Community Space.

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