Meda discovers “disgrace” at Marigot Hill

Meda discovers “disgrace” at Marigot Hill

(photo provided) (photo provided)

SINT MAARTEN (MARIGOT HILL) - Democratic Party (DP) Candidate Armand Meda's campaign support team visited Marigot Hill Border last week and saw what Armand Meda described as a "disgrace" not only to the Kingdom, but even more to the people of St. Maarten. He was commenting on the torn Dutch flag and the completely ripped off from the pole St. Maarten's flag. 

"It was surprising, shocking and plain out disrespectful. It's a slap in the face to all those who are patriots of this land we call home. It's an insult to those who respect and love this island. While clearly yet again St. Maarten's Government has failed to maintain the flags that represent St. Maarten, and our Kingdom partner, clearly the French side authorities did their job, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the NA-led Government," Meda said.

In the photo the flags of the European Union and France were intact while the St. Maarten flag was ripped from the pole and caught up in barbwires, and the Dutch flag were completely torn in half. Meda continued by stating "The buck stops with the Minister of General Affairs which is our Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. I seriously wonder how long these flags were in this dilapidated state. When last the flags were maintained or changed? How many times Dutch Side authorities goes up the hill to check on the flags? Do these flags remain flying after sundown? Is the Prime Minister aware that flags that remains flying at night should at all times be illuminated with light?"

"This is the height of incompetence by the office of the Prime Minister, and there should be no excuse in the book for this one. The Prime Minister needs to apologize to The Netherlands and the People of St. Maarten," Armand Meda concluded.

Hopefully these flags are fixed by the time this reach the newspaper.

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