Musical youth theater performance Rumannan Purunchi evokes nostalgia

Musical youth theater performance Rumannan Purunchi evokes nostalgia

Loekie Morales (left), author of the book Rumannan Purunchi and Milushka Birge (right), screenwriter and director of the theatrical work of the same name, in their Purunchi-Freckles dresses. Loekie Morales (left), author of the book Rumannan Purunchi and Milushka Birge (right), screenwriter and director of the theatrical work of the same name, in their Purunchi-Freckles dresses.

SINT MAARTEN/CURACAO - The books 'Rumannan Purunchi' (RP) by Loekie Morales were recently distributed to Curaçao's primary and secondary schools. The Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKEF) is currently starting an interactive reading program at schools for Fundamental Education, which will last from mid-September to mid-December, BKEF said on Thursday in a press statement. The book has 204 pages and is about Auchi Moraal, who lives with her 10 children on the outskirts of Willemstad.

Teatro KadaKen has now received a subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund, the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund Caribbean and the Vriendenloterij Fund to allow the story of Rumannan Purunchi to serve as the basis for the musical youth theater production 'RUMANNAN PURUNCHI'. Teatro KadaKen has contracted theater maker Milushka Birge to write the script and direct the performance. Schools have also received teaching materials from this performance along with Morales' books. Groups 7 and 8 from the FO schools and the 1st and 2nd year of Secondary Education in Curaçao are currently visiting the performance until the end of November 2023.

The premiere took place last Saturday, September 16, in Aula Habaai in Curaçao. Loekie Morales really enjoyed the performance, in which five local actors Greysha Niebe, Gian van Eiker, Rachelle Le Blanc, Kionn Yung and Maxine Fabian shone in their performance.

The five actors perform 10 roles from the story and it is dynamic. With their professionalism and enthusiasm that radiates, they keep the visitors captivated.

This piece actually adds a 'third part' to the two volumes of this Caribbean family saga book (Freckle Bunch and Tropical Shelter). Natasha, a critical grandchild of Auchi Moraal, takes her mother, aunts and uncles to Curaçao to protest against the tourist developments. They pose a threat to their old neighborhood and parental home. During their stay, the Rumannan Purunchi experience nostalgic flashbacks from their youth.

The piece has several layers of emotion and a clear, realistic storyline. Sad moments alternate with humorous and serious moments.

Loekie Morales had to shed a tear at some scenes, and at other times she could laugh again. “The scenes alternate at the right pace and the language is easy to follow for young and old. The scenes are accompanied by sensitive, originally composed music by Eric Calmes, especially for Rumannan Purunchi. The play is fascinating, both in terms of story and acting. It is highly recommended for young and old to experience the theater play Rumannan Purunchi. Never a dull moment,” says Loekie Morales, author of the book of the same name.

“Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKEF), is very pleased with this musical theater performance, which is a unique asset as an 'intangible heritage' for both literature and Performing Arts in the Dutch Caribbean,” says Rita Aikman, treasurer of BKEF.

Lou Nisbet, executive producer of Teatro KadaKen is also very happy with this production. “Milushka Birge and the actors made it possible for the richness of the lives of the Moraal children to become visible. Teatro KadaKen considers it a privilege to be able to work with material that is so personal, that makes it special every time. The premiere was particularly special when a number of real Rumannan Purunchi were present in the audience.”

During the week there are approximately 2 performances of RP daily for schools. During the weekends the doors are open for families, young and old, to enjoy quality time together.

Tickets are naf. 12.50 for children up to 12 years old and Naf. 25 for young people and adults for sale at Boekhandel Mensings Caminada, Van der Tweel, Sentro di pago Tu y Yo, or online at Caribbean Ticketshop. As part of siman di kultura, Rumannan Purunchi will be played in Curaçao on Sunday, September 24 at 4:00 PM and on Thursday, September 28 at 7:00 PM.

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