NV GEBE and SMCU Union reach Agreement on Merit Increases

NV GEBE and SMCU Union reach Agreement on Merit Increases

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SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - In a groundbreaking development for labor relations, NV GEBE and the St. Maarten Communication Union (SMCU) proudly announce the successful conclusion of eight months of intensive negotiations, resulting in a landmark agreement on merit increases for staff. The momentous signing took place today, November 24, 2023, solidifying the commitment between all parties involved to the well-being and satisfaction of NV GEBE's dedicated workforce.

Mr. Troy Washington, the Special Representative/Interim Manager who played a pivotal role in facilitating the negotiations and fostering collaboration between NV GEBE and the SMCU union, expressed satisfaction with the outcome. The agreement marks the resolution of a lengthy negotiation process that began in 2016.

The signing ceremony, witnessed by the Minister of VROMI, the Honorable Egbert Doran, highlights the significance of this achievement to the Government of St. Maarten. The Minister recognizes the positive impact of the agreement on the workforce and the broader community. “Witnessing such an accomplishment was inspiring. Parties demonstrated cooperation and consensus building, displaying that progress can be made when diverse viewpoints unite for a common cause.

Gratitude for this accomplishment not only acknowledges the effort and dedication of those involved but also reinforces the importance of unity in tackling challenges and creating positive change. This sets a tone for continued collaboration and should inspire others to work together for the greater good”, Minister Doran stated

The negotiations, overseen by Government Mediator Marcellina Loblack, reached a critical juncture during the meeting on October 26, 2023. Pending approval by the board of directors, NV GEBE proposed a comprehensive adjustment and merit increase payment schedule to address the concerns raised during the negotiations.

It is crucial to highlight that performance evaluations hold significant importance within NV GEBE, underscoring the company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of its employees.

“This landmark agreement signifies a collaborative effort toward fostering a positive and rewarding work environment at NV GEBE. The company looks forward to continued success and growth with the support of its valued workforce,” said Washington.

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