NV GEBE Management & Staff Successfully Completed Legendary Customer Service Retreat

NV GEBE Management & Staff Successfully Completed Legendary Customer Service Retreat

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SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - The heartbeat of NV GEBE's operations is fueled through the bloodline of the company's hardworking, resilient, and dedicated employees. With consideration that NV GEBE's employees have continually served the community through several crises including, Hurricane Irma, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ransomware attack, management recognized the importance of providing emotional and customer service support.

Over the past two weeks several members of NV GEBE's management and frontline teams participated in a "Legendary Customer Service" Retreat. The Retreat was comprised of a series of workshops focused on self-development and social skills. Unlike the standard customer service trainings, the workshops delved deeper into staff's knowledge, skills and behaviors through emotional intelligence. 

"This wasn't a normal customer service training," expressed staff. "It was truly an extraordinary experience and the best one yet! People and the media are always beating down on us and not realizing that we are human. We sacrifice and go through a lot to provide services, sometimes under dire circumstances. This helps me to understand myself, my colleagues and the customers better. We are grateful for this time spent and looking forward to more." 

These sentiments were further substantiated by the positive results from the post-training evaluation surveys which were conducted by participants. 

The workshops were organized by Jacqueline Louis of IMBRACE Group and passionately facilitated by Wendy Carrington, whose empathetic expertise garnered heartfelt and tear-jerking moments of truth. Carrington shared the following: "As the facilitator of the "Legendary Customer Service" program I must conclude that NV GEBE's Retreat was a resounding success. At the start employees seemed a little reluctant to participate because they felt that they had completed several training programs before and felt this was just another run of the mill program. Once we got going the employees demonstrated a hunger to learn more about themselves, how their past life experiences impacts their present behaviors and were extremely open to learning and growing more. The program focused on Emotional Intelligence and emphasized the importance of effective communication, empathy, active listening, creating 'moments of magic' and all the competencies associated with emotional intelligence; which are crucial in creating a positive, productive and supportive customer experience. I am confident that as a we continue to roll out more programs,  customers can look forward to improved customer satisfaction, a positive attitude and magical moments from NV GEBE's employees. The employees who participated are now equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle customer inquiries and challenges with enhanced communication, empathy, professionalism, efficiency and expertise."

Participants were presented with certificates, further solidifying their refreshed proficiency and dedication to providing "Legendary Customer Service" experiences at NV GEBE. 

"NV GEBE's employees are our most valuable asset, which forms the bloodline of our operations. Therefore, it is essential that we equip them with the care, support and tools to better serve our customers. The Retreat was a fundamental stepping stone for several community and customer-centric initiatives that we will be announcing in the coming days," said Troy Washington, Temporary Manager, NV GEBE.

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