Chatelier is an UP candidate dedicated to education, special needs and sports

Chatelier is an UP candidate dedicated to education, special needs and sports

Jonini Chatelier Jonini Chatelier

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) – The United People’s (UP) Party is thrilled to announce Ms.Jonini Chatelier a passionate advocate for education, specifically special needs education and sports as our dedicated representative for Parliament in the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections, the party said in a press statement on Tuesday.

Jonini Chatelier brings with her an extensive experience in education as her daily experience with an autistic child and a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with special needs.

Vision for Special Education and Sports

With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the special education community, Ms. Chatelier aims to briefly outline key goals, as e.g., improve inclusive education, increase resources, build better sporting facilities for our children.

Bring different scouts to the island to motivate and bring out the talent within the youth of our community, advocate for policy changes, better pay for our teachers, provide better hands-on training for our teachers.

Foster relationships with universities and colleges in the USA, Europe, Latin America and regional institutions. Collaborate sports and academics within our schools.

Collaborative Approach:

Ms. Chatelier believes in the power of collaboration and will work tirelessly with educators, parents, and advocacy groups to ensure that our education system becomes more inclusive and supportive for every child.

Ms. Chatelier was raised in Dutch Quarter, and she has come to realize that as one of the biggest voting communities, Dutch Quarter has gone quite unnoticed and that's why she chose to do her meet and greet at Dutch Quarter Community Center.

Dutch Quarter roads are in shambles and all of our concerns have fallen on deaf ears."  " I am from here and. the issues plaguing the people of DQ will no longer go unnoticed.

**Connect with Jonini Chatelier on Facebook joline chatelier. Whatsapp 721-5874027.

Follow her on platforms to stay updated on her journey and join the conversation on building a brighter future for special education.

Let's unite behind Jonini Chatelier and champion a more inclusive and equitable future for special education and sports.

On December 3rd 2023 Ms. Chatelier invites all persons in the community to come out and meet the candidate hear her vision, allow her the opportunity to speak her truth, to explain where as a MP she would like to see Sint Maarten.

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