Maingrette meets with DR Minister of Agriculture Lopez to revise discussions on partnerships

Maingrette meets with DR Minister of Agriculture Lopez to revise discussions on partnerships

L to R: DR Minister of Agriculture Lopez and Maingrette. L to R: DR Minister of Agriculture Lopez and Maingrette.

SINT MAARTEN/SANTO DOMINGO-- After nearly a decade of diplomatic conversation, the National Alliance-led Government did nothing in Trade agreements that was signed between Dominican Republic (DR) and St. Maarten in 2016.

The original trade agreement, endorsed by the former National Alliance Government Prime Minister William Marlin, was designed to foster technical and political cooperation between the two countries. However, it has been a critiqued that the current political figures, including Prime Minister Silveria Jacob of the National Alliance political Party and Minister of VSA Omar Ottley of UP Political Party, has long supported a status quo that favors monopolies detrimental to St. Maarten's economic diversification, and the cost of living on Sint Maarten.

In a recent breakthrough, Kevin Maingrette, a political candidate of the NOW party and its fourth-ranked (#4) candidate, has met with the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Lic. Limber Cruz López.

Their discussions have cemented a commitment to develop a modern agricultural program for St. Maarten. The envisioned program seeks to introduce cutting-edge technology and cultivate partnerships between Dominican investors and St. Maarten local entrepreneurs, complete with the necessary technical expertise to revolutionize local agricultural practices.

A pivotal element of the proposed initiative is the development of vertical farms, a sustainable agricultural practice projected to reduce water usage by up to 70% compared to conventional farming methods.

This partnership aims to pair Dominican investors with St. Maarten's agricultural entrepreneurs to enhance crop yields, address spatial constraints, and potentially lower food prices for the consumer market. Which has been a constant complaint for the people of Sint Maarten in the last four years.

The legislation, initiated by Maingrette, promises government subsidies to agricultural entrepreneurs to rapidly advance this innovative industry.

In his discussion, with Minister Cruz López, Maingrette inquired about strategies that enabled the Dominican Republic to cultivate a robust upper-middle-income demographic, strengthening sectors such as mining, tourism, manufacturing, energy, and telecommunications, alongside agriculture.

The Dominican Minister reassured Maingrette of his country's dedication to assisting St. Maarten in realizing a similar economic transformation, emphasizing a shared history that spans over a century.

This actioning of the bilateral commitment signals a new era of cooperation, aimed at not only enhancing St. Maarten's agricultural capabilities but also at nurturing economic development that could set a precedent for the Caribbean region.

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