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UP MP Leonard Writes Prime Minister Seeking Answers about Winair Possibly Owing US$1.4 million to a Guadeloupe Company

PHILIPSBURG – Via the President of Parliament, United People’s (UP) Party Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Janchie Leonard has written a letter to the Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams in her capacity as shareholder representative with respect to Windward Islands Airways (Winair).

“According to Article 69 of the Rules of Order of the House of Parliament, I am using my write as MP to seek answers regarding a number of issues at Winair.  I read in the media where Winair executed some new routes using a larger aircraft in one case, an ATR type in a wet lease format including crew from a French company in Guadeloupe.

“The new route which was from Sint Maarten to the Dominican Republic then on to Curacao and returning to Sint Maarten via the Dominican Republic.  This route has been cancelled according to media reports due to one can assume that it was not profitable for the airline.

“I would like to know if a feasibility study was carried out before it was decided to open such a route.  If so, what were the findings of this study?  And I am requesting that Parliament be provided with a copy of that report.  If no feasibility plan was in place for this route, what was then the basis used by Winair to invest in such?

MP Leonard is also seeking information if Winair owes a Guadeloupe company for the wet leasing of the ATR aircraft an amount of US$1.4 million.  “I have a responsibility as an MP to protect the interests of Winair, the employees and the tax payer.  If Winair owes this amount, Parliament needs to know how Winair will pay this.

“One of my questions related to this is if the Guadeloupe Company has threatened to place a lien on the assets of Winair. This is a very serious situation and the Prime Minister has been mum on the matter.    

“Has the shareholders approved any strategy plan with respect to how the company, Winair, will move forward for the short and long term?  If such a plan exists, Parliament would like to receive a copy, and if none exist, what plan is Winair using with respect to its long term operations? I am looking forward to the Prime Minister’s response in a timely manner,” MP Janchie Leonard said on Thursday.

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