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Tourism Offices Dutch & French working together for stronger Impact

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The marketing teams of the Tourist Office of Saint-Martin and St. Maarten Tourist Bureau met on January 26 for what will be a monthly working session, to discuss various subjects relating to the promotion of the destination.

Two Hearts, One island, French side and Dutch side work regularly on the common objective of promoting Saint Martin Sint Maarten and target various markets and groups. This was the first monthly meeting of the year 2023, as the goal is to meet every month, in order for the teams of the two tourist offices to discuss with each other on the various actions that will take place this year.

On January 26, the meeting brought together the directors Aïda Weinum (Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin) and May Ling Chun (St Maarten Tourist Bureau); North American Market Managers Suzanne Scantlebery (OT) and Marla Chemont (STB); local market managers Nathalie Pinthière-Brooks (OT), Neilleda Désir (OT), and Claudia Vinga (STB), Cherinah Franken (STB) Head of Product Development, and market coordinator South America William Bell (STB); communication officer Sacha Bresse (OT); Executive Assistant Rosette Pantophlet (STB).

With the objective to share a common vision to increase the destination market share, the monthly meetings will provide opportunities for the marketing teams of the two offices to highlight the destination tourism’s high impact operations, the remaining challenges to be addressed and take stock of the actions carried out jointly.

The working session was also an opportunity to raise the problems encountered by two sides of the island, including the management of the photo and video content for digital platforms, essential for the promotion of the destination. The employees were able to discuss their practices to optimize updates and publications. The STB informed OT that last year for 2022 it had launched a call for content creators for videographers, photographers, influencers, and graphic designers in order to create content consisting of both side of the island (gastronomy, landscapes, etc.), and will be doing this once more for 2023.

Shared actions

In the meeting discussions concerning the annual calendar of marketing actions on the North American, Latin American, regional markets, European, niche markets as well as the local market also took place. The two offices of tourism regularly carry out common actions such as campaigns with tour operators such as Expedia, travel agent roadshows or participation in trade fairs. The organization of a Pop Up Store (date?) at the Destreland shopping center in Guadeloupe and at the commercial center the roundabout in Martinique will also be from representations of both Dutch and French side. The two offices of tourism have shown great cooperation on the marketing concept of pop-up shop for a promotion in this regional market, which exists of a lively stand, dancers, hoteliers from both sides, event promoters, the prefect formula for collaboration.

“Discussing at the start of the year is a real opportunity to continue to pool our financial and human efforts,” says the director of the Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin, Aïda Weinum. “We informed our counterparts that our 2023 promotional campaign would focus on the pillar event theme, by informing them of the 9 key special events on the French side on which we are to support to deploy our communication strategy".

“Quick starting the year with a vision that will involve, and includes our French side counterpart based on the actions that we are able to collaborate on, will grow the cooperation stronger and gives us the opportunity to execute on those actions with an impact” says May-Ling Chun Director of Tourism of Sint Maarten.

Information, consultation, collaboration: for the tourist offices of Saint- Martin and Sint Maarten, and the promotion of the destination remains a co-construction.


Meda discovers “disgrace” at Marigot Hill

SINT MAARTEN (MARIGOT HILL) - Democratic Party (DP) Candidate Armand Meda's campaign support team visited Marigot Hill Border last week and saw what Armand Meda described as a "disgrace" not only to the Kingdom, but even more to the people of St. Maarten. He was commenting on the torn Dutch flag and the completely ripped off from the pole St. Maarten's flag. 

"It was surprising, shocking and plain out disrespectful. It's a slap in the face to all those who are patriots of this land we call home. It's an insult to those who respect and love this island. While clearly yet again St. Maarten's Government has failed to maintain the flags that represent St. Maarten, and our Kingdom partner, clearly the French side authorities did their job, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the NA-led Government," Meda said.

In the photo the flags of the European Union and France were intact while the St. Maarten flag was ripped from the pole and caught up in barbwires, and the Dutch flag were completely torn in half. Meda continued by stating "The buck stops with the Minister of General Affairs which is our Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. I seriously wonder how long these flags were in this dilapidated state. When last the flags were maintained or changed? How many times Dutch Side authorities goes up the hill to check on the flags? Do these flags remain flying after sundown? Is the Prime Minister aware that flags that remains flying at night should at all times be illuminated with light?"

"This is the height of incompetence by the office of the Prime Minister, and there should be no excuse in the book for this one. The Prime Minister needs to apologize to The Netherlands and the People of St. Maarten," Armand Meda concluded.

Hopefully these flags are fixed by the time this reach the newspaper.


HUHCF conducts Graduation Ceremony for its Adult Literacy Program

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Hearts United Holistic Care Foundation (HUHCF), held its graduation ceremony for students who participated actively and completed the foundational aspects of the Adult Literacy Program on Monday, January 31st, 2023. During this delightful event, eighteen students received certificates and awards in various categories and levels.

This program was sponsored by Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR), as a pilot project. It was conducted from June 2022 and continued until the 31st of January 2023. Due to the resounding success of the project, preparations are now being made to resume classes in March 2023.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Senior Citizen Recreational Foundation Hall in Hope Estate. Attendees included representatives of Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR), Board & Volunteers of Hearts United Holistic Care Foundation (HUHCF), Graduating as well as potential students, along with their family members and friends.

Words of inspiration and keynote speeches were given by the representative of R4CR Mr. Steve Duzanson, Executive Director of HUHCF, Mrs Donna Morrison Wilson, President of HUHCF, Mrs Rosanna Ageday Franklyn, Ms Maria Chemont and Mr. Early Charlemayne. In response, a few students shared their experiences, as well as gave the assurances of continuing the journey.

Certificates were presented for participation, attendance, most improved, outstanding performances, and the various levels in the program. Heartfelt gratitude and thanks to our sponsor R4CR for making this project and graduation a success, the teachers, project coordinator, administrator and support staff helped to make the execution a rewarding one.

The evenings ceremony culminated with a sumptuous dinner.

For more information, contact us on (telephone 1 721 523-0901 / 554-0407 / 522-5621

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow us on Facebook & IG. We are located on E.C. Richardson Street #3, Philipsburg.


The Royal Family Visit to Aruba

ARUBA (ORANJESTAD) - On Monday morning, January 30 the King and Queen and the Princess of Orange arrived in Oranjestad, where a welcome ceremony took place on Wilhelmina Square. Following a meeting with Governor Alfsonso Boekhoudt, the royal party walked to the parliament to speak with party leaders. They then walked to the Cocolishi building, which houses Aruba’s cabinet. There they had lunch with the prime minister and ministers. On the way they interacted with members of the public and saw performances by a local learning orchestra and youth choir.

In the afternoon the royal party continued to San Nicolas, a town with an artistic vibe. At Filomena College secondary school they attended a performance about Boy Ecury, an Aruban-Dutch resistance hero. This took place next to a mural dedicated to him. Other colourful murals, created by local and international artists during Aruba Art Fair, were highlighted during a walk through the town. The royal party paid a brief visit to the Museum of Industry and watched street performances by young people, featuring breakdance, spoken word and a carnival show.

In the morning of Tuesday, January 31, the King and Queen and the Princess of Orange visited Arikok National Park. This protected area covers 20% of Aruba. The royal party went on a hike in the park, met the makers of a nature documentary about the six islands and discussed nature conservation and management with junior rangers at the Center of Cultivation. The royal party then continued on to Royal Aruba Aloe, a company founded in 1890, where they spoke with staff and saw how the company cultivates aloe vera and uses it in making skincare products.

In the afternoon the royal party visited the University of Aruba. They attended part of a lecture on Caribbean law and spoke with students. The King and Princess of Orange then visited the Soccer Academy at Compleho Deportivo Frans Figaroa, which provides training for talented young people in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB). Queen Máxima paid a field visit to a vegetable farmer who attends a business academy run by credit provider Qredits.

In the evening the Bon Bini Festival took place at Fort Zoutman. Following a walk around Plaza Padú, where there was music and a presentation of local products, the royal party watched an exploratory show on Aruban culture and history, with Caribbean music and dance.

The King and Queen and the Princess of Orange will sail from Aruba to Curaçao on patrol ship HNLMS Holland, which is stationed in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, on Wednesday February 1. On board they will discuss the Ministry of Defence’s operations in the Caribbean region, followed by a tour of the vessel and demonstrations.

The Defence organisation works to keep all parts of the Kingdom safe. Military units stationed in the region fulfil three key tasks: to protect the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, to promote and maintain the international legal order, and to support the local authorities. For example, they carry out operations to counter drug smuggling, provide assistance in sea rescues and provide emergency relief after hurricanes.

Upon arrival in Willemstad’s St. Anna Bay on Wednesday, February 1, the royal party will be greeted by Governor Lucille George-Wout. This will be followed by a welcome ceremony marking the start of their visit to Curaçao.


Courtesy RVD


Courtesy RVD

ROYAL ARU aruba7 Mischa Schoemaker

Courtesy Mischa Schoemaker




SINT MAARTEN/BARBADOS – “Bank hailed for its great strides in offering digital banking, e-products and services” - CIBC FirstCaribbean has copped another prestigious award for the great strides the regional bank has made in the digital banking space.

In naming the bank “Best Digital Transformation Bank 2022”, The European, a London based global financial publication, said the decision was based on the “bank’s efforts and strides made in digital banking, e-products, internet banking services, and the corporate banking products and made based on a set of global standards as well as the opinion of a select panel of reputable analysts.”

It added that “CIBC FirstCaribbean has rendered the latest digital banking solutions allowing customers to perform their banking transactions seamlessly and securely meaning that people can do their banking where, when, and how they want, it also ensures that they give customers new ways to better understand their finances and data in such a way that adds values to their lives.”

The bank’s Executive Director, Retail and Business Banking Deepa Boucaud expressed delight at the latest award noting that it was “testimony to the hard work and commitment to client-excellence on a bank-wide level”.

She said the bank was committed to its digital transformation journey ensuring that clients have at their fingertips all of the products and services to make their banking, personalised and easy.

“We will continue to lead the way with modern, innovative products and services that simplifies the everyday banking experience for our clients by providing them with new digital capabilities across all our service delivery channels,” Mrs. Boucaud said.

“Digital is the future of banking, and we are continuously enhancing our digital channels to provide innovative solutions to meet your unique and changing banking needs,” she added.  


C&W Communications sponsors CANTO’s AGM in Suriname

SINT MAARTEN/SURINAME - C&W Communications is the Platinum Sponsor of CANTO’s 39th Annual General Meeting, themed “Fostering a Resilient Datasphere for all”. After a 2-year hiatus, the AGM will be hosted in person from February 5th – 7th at the Torarica Hotel, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Headlining with a Keynote Address will be C&W Business’ Kamla Hamilton, Senior Product Manager, Security Solutions on the topic “Becoming Cyber Secure: Risks and Opportunities in Today’s Digital World”.

Kamla is an ICT professional who has established a track record of developing and executing innovative customer solutions that drive digital transformation. With a focus on raising awareness of cyber security and its role in improving the region’s security posture, as part of the product management team, she continues to build a portfolio of managed security services designed to mitigate cyber risk.

C&W Business will also host a panel discussion on the “Power of Transformation with MutliCloud Solutions”.

The Opening Ceremony of the event will be hosted under the auspices of the Honourable Chandrikapersad "Chan" Santokhi, President of Suriname who is slated to deliver the Feature Address.

Other topics to be delivered during the 3-day event include Fair Share towards Regional Digital Transformation; Digital Transformation of Telcos to enable Business Success; E-Commerce Fraud and Risk Management; Accelerating Digital Transformation to Maximize opportunities; US Caribbean ICT Trade Opportunities; Knowledge Sharing and Best practices in FTTH; Human collaboration on cybersecurity in the age of A.I; Top 10 ICT trends worldwide in 2023; among others.


Ambulance workers complete operational and maintenance training

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Personnel of the Sint Maarten Ambulance Department have successfully completed a five-day training course to familiarize themselves with the four (4) brand new ambulance vehicles that were delivered in late December 2022.

Conducted by ambulance manufacturer REV Group and Zoll, the training sessions focused on the use and maintenance of the ambulances and their operating systems. It also included a “train-the-trainer" component to enable local ambulance workers to provide these operational and maintenance training courses in the future.

At a combined cost of approximately US $1.2 million, the new ambulances were procured through the Sint Maarten Trust Fund, which is financed by the Government of the Netherlands, managed by the World Bank, and implemented by the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) on behalf of the Government of Sint Maarten.

Since 2018, the Sint Maarten Trust Fund has invested in equipment for Sint Maarten’s firefighters and ambulance workers, as well as in repair work to the Philipsburg and Simpson Bay police stations and Fire and Ambulance building to fix damage caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Together, these investments amount to some US $6.3 million.

The four new ambulances were custom designed to successfully operate in Sint Maarten’s tropical maritime climate and effortlessly traverse its mountainous topography. As such, the selected vehicle model was chosen for its narrow-body frame, efficient fuel consumption, and four-wheel drive capabilities, making the ambulances ideally suited to climb steep hills and maneuver on cramped, unpaved streets. Additionally, the chassis underbody has been coated to minimize corrosion from salt spray.

Most importantly, the ambulances come fully stocked with medical equipment and supplies to handle life-threatening emergencies. All four ambulances have been outfitted with defibrillators and automated cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) devices to assist patients in cardiac arrest, as well as vascular access kits and piped oxygen systems to support critical care en route to the Emergency Room (ER). The vehicles also have various onboard trauma kits to provide vital first response for serious injuries such as burns, motor vehicle accidents, and gunshot wounds, among others.

Before the new ambulances arrived, the Ambulance Department’s existing fleet comprised of four ambulances, all of which are nearing the end of their lifespan. Through the Trust Fund, the NRPB bought spare parts for the older vehicles to keep them operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government of Sint Maarten is in the process of selecting two of the old ambulances for retirement. The other two will remain in use and will bolster the contingent of new ambulances, bringing the total number of working ambulances at the disposal of the Ambulance Department to six (6).

“As Government, we are dedicated to the forward motion of these projects that focus on building resilience for Sint Maarten. While the ambulances may have taken quite some time to get here, it’s good to see them here coupled with the expert training our frontliners have received. We are now better prepared to deal with disasters. The process of rolling this project is still in the works, but we are steadily on the way to ensuring that the entire sector is properly outfitted, the frontliners are trained, and their facilities and equipment adequately maintained to ensure continued progress,” said Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs.

Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA) Omar Ottley said: “The enhancement of our public health has been and will remain a priority for me. I have heard the complaints of the community concerning the lack of ambulances and, as of today, this complaint should no longer be. We have also put out a tender for an in-house mechanic to ensure the maintenance of the ambulances. The safety of the workers and their ability to get to and from a scene have been a concern of the Ministry from the onset. I would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible, the ambulance staff, the Ministry of VSA and the NRPB.”

Ambulance Chief Cylred Richardson said that the Ambulance Department has made history by securing these four brand-new fully equipped ambulances, especially at a time when sourcing ambulances and its related equipment face numerous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are proud of this much needed and important investment in the bolstering of emergency medical care and response on Sint Maarten. My team is anxious to serve the community of Sint Maarten in these state-of-the-art ambulances,” he said.

“Through the Trust Fund and on behalf of government, the NRPB continues to provide necessary equipment to support Sint Maarten’s first responders and build the country’s resilience to future natural disasters. I am glad to see these ambulances delivered to the men and women of the Ambulance Department, whose dedication and hard work has been exemplary and is a symbol of our innate resilience,” said NRPB Director Claret Connor.

NRPB MON30 Photo 1 min

The four new ambulances in front of the Fire and Ambulance Building in Cay Hill.  

NRPB MON30 Photo 2 min

Ambulance Department personnel placing their hands on one of the new ambulances as all four are being blessed by Pastor James Irish.



SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - Did you know 1 dog pair can breed and result in 67,000 dogs over the course of 7 years?    

In order to lessen the starvation, suffering, and misery of stray animals, 4 Leaf Rover, a non-profit group based in the USA and focused on providing free medical care for stray dogs and cats in the Caribbean, will be conducting a free spay and neuter campaign from March 27 to March 31 with the goal in mind to spay and neuter 300 dogs and cats for free.  

A temporary pop-up clinic located adjacent to St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic in Cay Hill will be constructed for this mission which has been led by Dr. Edward Lee, an American physician who attended AUC medical school from 1999-2001 and a homeowner on French St. Martin.   

The four local veterinarians on the Dutch side Dr. Virginie de Ceuster of Animal Care Center, Dr. Glen Romney of Animal Hospital of St. Maarten, Dr. Garry Swanston of St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Ruth Wright of The Island Vet, will be providing local support and equipment for this mission.  

In addition, several St. Maarten-based animal welfare activists and organizations such Animal Welfare Foundation, Animal Defenders and SXM PAWS along with local businesses such as AUC School of Medicine, Belair Beach Hotel (by offering free lodging for all 11 volunteers of 4 Leaf Rover) Domino's Pizza St. Maarten and St. Maarten Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant (which will offer free daily breakfast for the volunteers) will be also assisting in this mission.  

Volunteers will be finding, collecting, and bringing stray dogs and cats located on both Dutch and French sides for spay and neuter surgeries.   Free rewards will be offered to owners who bring their pets in for spay/neuter surgery such as free collars, leashes, shampoos, and pizza.   

Hundreds of dogs and cats ended up homeless after Hurricane Irma swept through the island back in 2017.    During the COVID pandemic, many pets were dumped by owners who could no longer afford or to feed them. 

When dogs and cats are allowed to roam, the exponential rate of breeding of dogs and cats inevitably results in misery and starvation as well the lack of acute medical care for the animals.   Animals that are not spayed and neutered are less likely to get into fights, to become infected with contagious diseases, and to roam while dangerously unattended and some get hit by vehicles.    

Moreover, sterilization also helps prevent deadly forms of cancer and diseases of the reproductive system.   Spayed cats are less likely to get infected with Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) which can cause cancer.   In addition, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour, a deadly and painful disease, can be prevented in sterilized dogs.  

In order to book spay and neuter surgeries for adopted pets, owners will need to send an email to Macy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Owners will be asked to drop off their pets at either 630am or 1200pm for morning or afternoon surgery times.      

To learn more about this free spay-neuter campaign, please go to:




VOG online application platform is processing VOG applications swiftly

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Following the launch of the online application platform for the Declaration of Conduct (VOG) on January 9, 2023, the Ministry of Justice reports a significant improvement in the overall handling of VOG requests with increased visibility and monitoring and quicker delivery times.

The Ministry has received a total of five hundred and twenty-nine (529) online applications of which one hundred and five (105) have been completed with clients receiving their VOGs via email. Persons who applied for a VOG via the Public Service Center prior to the platform’s launch are being contacted by the Ministry of Justice to retrieve their VOG at the department of Judicial Affairs which is situated at Illidge Road above the Immigration Department.

Presently, there are one hundred and ninety-six (196) applications awaiting payment. This means the applicant is to upload proof of payment in order for the actual screening process to begin. The public is therefore reminded that the actual process does not begin until all the required documents are uploaded. These include a valid form of identification, a valid registration form, and proof of payment.

Two hundred and three (203) applications are being processed at the Attorney-General’s Office. The Attorney-General’s office checks the judicial documentation (criminal history) of the applicant. Based on the most recent statistics, on average it takes the Attorney-General’s office seven (7) working days to check the judicial documentation of the applicant.

The online application process includes four (4) steps outlined below.

Step 1: Payment Confirmation - Upon submitting an application the requestor must provide proof of payment of the processing fee of Naf 50 in order to begin the vetting process.

Step 2: Vetting/Reviewer - The back office of the Ministry of Justice performs a vetting of the supporting documents and verification of the processing fee payment. Non-compliant applications are rejected, and clients are notified by email.

Step 3: Prosecutor Review - The final screening is done by the Attorney-General’s office. For applications with no objections the Attorney-General’s office updates the digital application, allowing the client to receive their VOG immediately.

Step 4: Review Committee of the Ministry of Justice - If the Attorney-General’s office finds judicial documentation (a criminal record) on the applicant, the application is forwarded to the Review Committee of the Ministry of Justice. This Review Committee weighs the criminal record against the purpose of the VOG application. The VOG policy as well as the relevant legal framework provides the necessary guidelines for the weighing process. Based on the assessment made a VOG can either be still issued or denied. The applicant is informed by email about this decision.

To apply online for a VOG or for more information about the online application process, please visit the website of the Ministry of Justice,


International-Reggae breakthrough artist Koffee to headline 43rd St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - Organizers of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta are proud to announce Koffee, Grammy Award Winning, International Reggae-Star, will be performing live in St. Maarten on March 5th, 2023, for the upcoming 43rd edition of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta at the Regatta Village, Port de Plaisance.

The largest sailing event in the Caribbean has hosted thousands of sailors and partygoers year after year, an experience unmatched and historically known for its legendary parties. This year the staple event and the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin invites everyone to participate in this extraordinary line-up and event structure to complement its first-class sailing races, known as “Serious Fun!”.

Koffee (of Kingston, Jamaica), is one of the most exciting, forward-thinking, globally focused young talent to emerge in 2018. Her 2019 EP Rapture won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, making Koffee the youngest person and only woman to be awarded in the Best Reggae Album category. Koffee’s international breakthrough, "Toast," is a joyous expression of gratitude that resonated with audiences of various ages and backgrounds. To date, "Toast" has earned more than 122 million streams on Spotify.

Koffee’s participation in the 43rd St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, is an integral part of the essence of the event today, aligning with increasing women participation in sailing, as well as leadership within the event organizational structure. The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta continues to evolve the structure to appeal to a wide range of audiences and demographics, focused on emerging talent.

The 2023 edition of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta will take place in the waters surrounding the island of St. Maarten. Onshore festivities will be hosted in the Regatta Village, which is located at Princess Port de Plaisance Resort & Casino. Event-goers will have the benefit of an open-air venue, plenty of free parking and a village set up with a variety of technical suppliers, sponsors, food vendors as well as the official regatta merchandise. The venue officially opens its doors on Wednesday the 1st of March and will be open daily from 3pm onwards. Free concerts are hosted at Thursday - Saturday with performances from a selection of St. Maarten’s very own highly talented local bands including, Chanti, Kenyo Baly, What the Funk & Malaika Maxwell.

Last year organizers introduced the Green Zones, a successful development to the event structure, and this year confirmed official Green Zone venues such as Soggy Dollar Bar, Moonbar, ELEV8 with Rainforest Adventures, and will also host international DJs & Artists such as Freddy Moreira, Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, and more. For more artist information, timing/schedules & ticket details for all entertainment at the Regatta Village & Green Zones, check out St. Maarten Heineken official social media pages & website.

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta has hosted globally recognized, exceptional artists such as UB-40, Black Eyed-Peas, Flo-Rida, Shaggy, and Kool & the Gang, just to name a few. Koffee will continue that legacy, while making an appearance for the first-time on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

"We want to use our platform at the Regatta to support talent, youth, and women, and Koffee is the perfect artist to headline the event. Her music connects with all generations, and her performance will be a great way to finish a week of Serious Fun!” said Regatta Director Michele Korteweg.

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta welcomes sailors of all ages, and has created a special “Next Generation Challenge” to offer junior sailors in the Caribbean the opportunity to compete in keelboat racing. Run as an event within the main regatta, youth teams from the Caribbean are invited to compete against each other in identical Sun Fast 20s to be crowned the overall winner of the Next Generation Trophy. Teams include entries from Antigua, St Barths, as well as Dutch and French entries representing both sides of St. Maarten/Martin.

Saskia Revelman, SMYC Sailing School & Event Manager said, “Our goal for this regatta-in-a-regatta is to offer friendly competition between islands, inspire more sailing talent in the Caribbean and get the next generation involved in the Regatta. Last Regatta, a group from our junior sailing team competed on one of the Sun Fast 20s, Miss Tyknight, and was helmed by a young woman named Jordan Pieterse. We hope this Next Generation Challenge will provide more race opportunities for more sailors like Jordan across the Caribbean.” Organizations interested in sending a youth team to represent their island can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

Whether racing or enjoying the show from ashore, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta welcomes all to join the Serious Fun! March 2-5, 2023. Register your team or learn more about the event on

sxm hein reg pix wed25

After-parties will be hosted at various "Green Zones" around the island, including top club venues such as Soggy Dollar Bar, Moonbar, and ELEV8 © Souleyman

sxm hein reg pix boat wed25

Jordan Pieterse leads a team of SMYC junior sailors racing in the 2022 St. Maarten Heineken Regatta on the Sun Fast 20s that will be used for the Next Generation Challenge. © Tim Wright

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