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UTS supports Dutch Caribbean Women’s Soccer Cup

PHILIPSBURG – UTS has pledged its support as corporate sponsor to Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association whom will be organizing the first Dutch Caribbean Women’s Soccer Cup.

The competition will host the association’s local women’s soccer team as well as the Bonaire Female Selection, CVV Willemstad from Curaçao and Sv. Oemasoso from Surinam.

The tournament is scheduled to kick-off on the 26th of June and will continue until June 28th. The one of a kind event brings female soccer clubs from Dutch-speaking countries in the Caribbean and South America together to compete and develop the sport amongst sister teams.

“We welcomed the opportunity to support such a sports competition and also welcome the visiting teams to our beautiful island,” says UTS Marketing and Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert.

“This type of sports exchange introduces the visiting teams to the many things St. Maarten has to offer as a travel destination. The likelihood of visiting competitors making a return trip for recreational purposes thereafter is much higher. The competition also highlights the skills and capabilities of our regional female soccer teams. We wish all participants and spectators an exciting and enjoyable competition this weekend,” Lambert continues.

The Competition kicks off on Friday 26th of June at 6:00pm with the opening ceremony and the first game Sint Maarten vs. Bonaire followed at 8:30pm by Surinam vs. Curacao. Visit the Facebook page of the Dutch Caribbean Women’s Soccer Cup for information for the program, sponsors and participating teams.


Over 2000 Uncollected Business Licenses need to be collected before August 1st

GREAT BAY (DCOMM) – The Department of Economic Licenses from the Ministry Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), hereby informs the general public that there are over 2000 approved licenses awaiting pick-up at the department. 

As a result of this, the department has embarked on a project to clean up its database of uncollected licenses.

Alluncollected licenses that were approved prior to January 1, 2015, must be picked up before August 1st2015, after which the file will be discarded and applicants will have to re-apply and pay the applicable processing fee(s).

Effective August 1st2015,the Department of Economic Licenses will keep all requests, including approved licenses, for a maximum of six months, after which the file will be discarded and applicants will have to re-apply and pay the applicable processing fee.

The aforementioned is applicable to requests for business, branch, director, amendments to licenses already issued, vending and operational licenses.

For more information you can visit the department at Zoutsteeg #3, Philipsburg or call 542-2986. 


STAT Reminds Business Community about Final Week for Business Cycle Survey

PHILIPSBURG - The Department of Statistics (STAT) is reminding the business community that this is the final week of the ongoing Business Cycle Survey.

The survey began 7 weeks ago on May 6th 2015, with a focus on the current performance of the business sector during the first half of this year.

Enterprises with 10 or more employees, and a sample of businesses with nine or less employees have received the questionnaire either from a STAT-interviewer or via email during the first 2 weeks of the survey period.

STAT urges all enterprises who have not yet completed and submitted the questionnaire to STAT, to do so on or before the ultimate close-off date of June 30th next week.

This half-year Business Cycle Survey asks for estimates of changes in the level of turnover and personnel compared to last year as well as the opinions of entrepreneurs as it relates to the investment climate, competitiveness and confidence in the economy.

STAT anticipates the full cooperation of the business community during this final week to ensure that any outstanding survey-forms are returned to the STAT-interviewer or sent directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All information provided to STAT will be held strictly confidential, and will be used to monitor the most recent developments in the Sint Maarten economy.

Survey results are made available to respondents and the public via the Business Cycle summary Flyer and FACTors statistical magazine released in print and at


Marie Laurence cycle one students donate to Pediatric ward

CAY HILL - The St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) received a donation of items for pediatric patients and their breastfeeding mothers from the Sister Marie Laurence Elementary School, Cycle One.

The theme for all Catholic Schools this year is “We are Called to Serve one another.” This aims to help students become aware of the need of others in the community who can benefit from their help.

The students held a two days bake sale from which approximately $500 was raised. Through this fund-raising, cycle one students were able to serve others; the children at the pediatric department and the mothers.

“This is a project we would like to continue each year, gradually helping to acquire all the items on the wish list of the ward” says Teacher Janet Deuzeman.

Several toys, books, blankets a breast pump and bottle warmer were purchased with the funds and donated to the Pediatric Ward at the SMMC.

“We appreciate this donation and are happy to see that young children are bringing smiles to other children faces,” said Nurse Gwen Arndell.

The SMMC express gratitude for the gift items and wish the students continued success in future community projects.


Civil servants go on pension after serving respectively 40+ years

PHILIPSBURG – POLICE HQ - On Monday June 22nd 2015 during a small ceremony held at the Philipsburg Police Station two civil servants namely Sylvia Gibs and Laurence Blijden said goodbye to their colleagues working at the KPSM-Police Force.

Both Sylvia Gibs who was Head of the Personnel Department and Laurence Blijden who was Head of the Finance Department of the Sint Marten Police Force have been in Government respectfully 42 and 40 years.

The Management of the KPSM thanked both civil servants for their dedication and contribution to the Police Force and wished them much success in their future endeavours. (Police Force Sint Maarten)


American University of the Caribbean (AUC) students volunteer at the St Maarten Zoo

MADAME ESTATE - On Saturday June 20th, the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) students came out in full force to volunteer at the St Maarten Zoo for their Community Action Day. 

With over thirty (30) volunteers, the students of AUC came out to lend some helping hands to the St Maarten Zoo with various tasks such as board walk demolition, paint scraping, painting the animals’ enclosures and plant pots and assisting with the lifting and disposal of tree stubs in preparation for the Zoo’s brand new petting zoo area.

The volunteers began at 9am and concluded at 2pm. They were led by the Zoo’s summer intern and project manager Ms. Stephanie Park. The groups were divided per task and given the necessary equipment to complete each project.

“On behalf of The Board and Staff of the St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation, we would like express our sincere gratitude to the volunteers of the American University for thinking of the St Maarten Zoo for their community service,” said Amy Arrindell, President of the St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation.


MP Lake prepares legislation agenda for second half of 2015

PHILIPSBURG – United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Maurice Lake, says he has drafted a legislation agenda which he will be working on during the second half of 2015 after parliament returns from recess.

“Government has already started working on abolishing the Expat law in the public sector and making changes to the law for the private sector, and this will save Government approximately one million guilders.  This is a cost savings measure for the people and I commend the Minister of Finance with respect to this.

“I stated during the budget debate 2014 that the law on this topic is incomplete, no limitations on how far back one can claim, and therefore persons were employed without this agreement are now requesting it retroactive in court. 

“I am looking forward to see the final changes made to the law by Fiscal Affairs and the Minister of Finance. I am also looking forward for Government to look into improving their "instroombeleid" incentives policy to encourage our young professionals to return home to work.
”Presently, the National Ordinance Amending the Ordinance on Admittance and Expulsion (LTU) and Fee Ordinance (AB 2014, no. 23) which I brought up during the Budget 2014 debate is by the Council of Advice to be reviewed, and then to be sent back to the Council of Ministers and back to Parliament. 

“We need to amend this law because an application or processing fee should be non-refundable.  Nowhere in the world is an application or processing fee refundable to the applicant. The ministry has to do administrative work whether you get the permit or not and government saves money.
”It's good to see Government is working on the recognition of the University of St. Martin this year and to increase their subsidy on the Budget 2016.  I am very pleased with this development as it will benefit our youth and the country overall.
”I plan to schedule a meeting with the Police Department to start looking into amending the law into noise levels at bars and night clubs, as well as the breathalyzer test and other legislation that just needs to be amended in the interests of the people.  I have been busy since January working on some amendments.

“Another piece of law change is abolishing the land tax article in the law.  Land is an asset to native Sint Maarteners and certain articles need to be eliminated because they do not fit into the Sint Maarten situation.

“There are laws on the books that are outdated and don’t serve the interests of the Sint Maarten people,” MP Lake said on Sunday. 

“I am very pleased to see the Ministry of VROMI has carried out a public bid for trench cleaning for a period of two years for local contractors in the different districts. This has been a very successful project which creates work for the boys in the different districts to provide for their family, and at the same time our environment looks better and cleaner. 
”I however would like to see more Capital Investment projects on the budget for 2016 to stimulate economic development in the community.  This is very much necessary. 
”As a member of parliament, I would continue to legislate and amend laws and educate the nation in the best interest of our people.  MPs have to know and understand their roles as well as the powers that they have as Parliament.

“The focus now must be more on legislating rather than asking all the time questions.  We need to get serious with the people’s business and show more political maturity,” UP MP Maurice Lake said on Sunday. 


USM Hospitality and Tourism Management students visit Monroe College

POND ISLAND - Eight University of St. Martin (USM) students carried out a study tour in New York City. The tour was coordinated in close cooperation with Monroe College, New York and was an integral part of the student’s curriculum. 

Apart from experiencing the city life and attractions such as the subway system, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc… the students also followed an intense study program with Monroe College.  

The students were very grateful for the experience, some commented that after visiting the Monroe College campus they are happy that they have chosen there to further their studies, all were overwhelmed with the hospitality they received from the officials of Monroe College and having the opportunity to follow workshops and classes.

Mr. Erwin Wolthuis, Division Head of USM’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program escorted the students on the trip, he commented that he was contented with the trip and deemed it a success.

The students would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this trip a reality, especially the main sponsors: the Princess Juliana International Airport and the Windward Islands Bank. 


Xtratight thanks sponsors for Night of the Hit Makers success

GREAT BAY - “I think I have the best partners in the world!”

And with that, Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming of Xtratight Entertainment, showered the sponsors of TelCell’s Night of the Hit Makers with praise during a special Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony on Thursday morning.

Night of the Hit Makers is Carnival’s flagship international concert and was the biggest concert in the village this past Carnival. According to Mr. Rude, none of this would have been possible with his sponsors, the people and the cooperation of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF).

He described the sponsors and the SCDF as partners in a venture to not only elevate the quality and status of the Hit Makers concert, but also to enhance the product of Carnival with a truly unique experience. That unique experience has established Mr. Rude as arguably the top promoter on St. Maarten in just three years.

He said he was very proud of the accomplishments of his team, the compliments, support and praise the team received following the concert. “The people took the show three steps forward. My goal is to take it five steps so that we always exceed their expectations.”

Presented with special tokens of appreciation were representatives of the Hit Makers main sponsor TelCell, InselAir, ILTT, and the SCDF. Mr. Rude also presented Grisha Marten, the promoter of Latin Night Sabor Latino and Soca Rumble with a special token for their professional and courteous collaboration on many fronts during Carnival 2015.

He also presented the aforementioned persons with a “sponsor report” showing how sponsorship funds were spent. All of the sponsors and SCDF congratulated Mr. Rude and his team for a job well done, for remaining humble, for giving people their money’s worth and for elevating the product of Carnival. Oyster Bay Resort, Maduro Travel and Seaboard Marine are also sponsor of Night of the Hit Makers.

After showing a promotional video of the 2015 Hit Maker Concert, Mr. Rude assured his sponsors and the SCDF that he will continue to work hard at improving the show. In fact, he told the small gathering that the artists for next year’s show have already been contacted and reserved.

“I am a bit nervous at the magnitude of what we have planned for 2016 but it feels like a natural step to take. I’m going up to the big boys,” he said, adding that not much more can be said about the lineup at this point and time. “Once the support of our partners and the people is there, we can achieve anything,” he said. 


Sint Maarten Police Force participates in Hurricane Exercise 2015

CUL DE SAC - The annual Hurricane Exercise (Hurex 2015) for the Police Force Sint Maarten (KPSM) took place this year on Wednesday morning June 17th 2015, at the Emilio Wilson Park in Cul-de Sac.

The first briefing took place at 8:30 am at the Philipsburg Police Head Quarters. The KPSM worked together with the other emergency services such as the Ambulance Department (EMS), Fire Department, Dutch Marines and Voluntary Corps (V.K.S.) for this huge exercise in preparation for the Hurricane Season 2015.

The scenario was as follow: after a major hurricane, a massive mudslide situation developed in the Emilio Wilson Park area which caused chaos. Several persons were seriously injured and victims were in life threatening situations on different locations in the park and needed immediate assistance.

In one “case” a passenger vehicle came down from the hill flipped over and seriously injuring one of the victims who was stuck in the vehicle. The Police Force, EMS and Fire Department jointly conducted the operation and saved the victim and his relatives and made sure they received the necessary medical assistance at the scene.

During the chaos after the Hurricane the next “case” was the plundering of private property by civilians outside the park and on several locations in St. Peters. The Police Force also dealt with these issues to restore order, safety and security for the residents in these areas.  

The exercise ended at 11.00 in the morning.  All participants were judged by an examiner during this exercise. (Police Force Sint Maarten)

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