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“Sint Maarten Soccer Association Represented at CONCACAF “Let’s Develop Women’s Football Seminar”

PHILADELPHIA-SINT MAARTEN - The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Association_Football (CONCACAF) hosted a top-level conference seminar focusing on development in women’s football on October 25 and 26, 2014, in Philadelphia, coinciding with the semifinals and final of the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Championship.

The Sint Maarten Soccer Association, the national body for football on Sint Maarten, sent Ms. Danaë Daal to represent Sint Maarten at this two-day event. Ms. Daal has been the key figure in developing the sport for females on Sint Maarten, by establishing the first women’s soccer association on Sint Maarten and continues to develop female football with a team of other female football aficionados so that more girls and women can continue to enjoy the beautiful game.

The two day event had three main goals: education of stakeholders about the current status of women in football in the region and around the world; promoting the various opportunities which women’s football offers; and inspiring stakeholders to continue to invest in and improve the women’s game.  39 of 41 member associations of CONCACAF attended to discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding women’s football development.

On Saturday 25 October the seminar included topics like elite player football, football pathways, hosting the FIFA’s women’s world cup and many other topics that were discussed by representatives from all over the world. On Sunday the program followed with a workshop with the member associations and discussions were held on the challenges they face pertaining to female football and how we can learn from each other.

The main conclusion of this event is that more focus should be on development and tools were given on how to achieve this. This was also stressed by the president of CONCACAF.  “The priority for all our Member Associations should be development,” said CONCACAF President Jeffry Webb. “

The Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association has been a member of the Sint Maarten Soccer Association since 2013 and is also a member of CONCACAF.  The participation by Ms. Daal at the seminar “Let’s Develop Women’s Football” marks a positive development for female football on Sint Maarten which would not have been possible without the support of the president of the Sint Maarten Soccer Association, Mr. Nicky Owen. “This is a dream come true for me by not only be amongst many who share the same vision for female football development but also as a player to see many of my idols like Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux and Hope Solo play on the field,” commented Daal.

The seminar closed with the attendance of all member associations at the semifinal and final of the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Championship. Trinidad and Tobago was defeated by Mexico with a 4-2 score leaving the team with a last opportunity for a spot at the Women’s World Cup in Canada next year if they defeat Ecuador. The finals were won by the US team by a victorious 6-0 win on Costa Rica. Both countries have secured their spot for the World Cup. Twenty-one finalists are confirmed for the Women’s World Cup, including four teams from CONCACAF.

For more information of Sint Maarten participation in Philadelphia visit the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Team Facebook page or their website: (Qualichi Women’s Soccer Team)


Reading Rainbow Pre-School Receives Educational Books and Computers from SMTA

PHILIPSBURG - The Reading Rainbow pre - school recently received some educational books and computers for their foundation with the assistance from the SMTA’s $ A Day program.

The day care /pre-school and after school service foundation caters to approximately 50 children from the ages of 0 to 13 years old. Besides the regular afterschool programs the school is heavily involved in teaching their students about geography and agriculture.

The kids are growing their own vegetables and botanical gardens and planting fruit trees. Also, along with their Dutch lessons, the kids often have speech contests, and poetry classes.

The Reading Rainbow foundation teaches their kids the fundamentals of reading different educational books in order for them to excel academically.

“We as an association is honored to be a part of the educational growth of our youths and that we are able to provide the tools that they need to develop all of their skills that they will need for their future” said Arnaldo Philippa, SMTA Board Member and General Manager of Diamond Flamingo Resort.

The SMTA’s successful $ A Day program has been assisting many foundations and associations with their educational and environmental programs, and this program is made possible from the numerous generous tourists who visit our beautiful timeshare resorts every year. These guests voluntarily give $1 every day that they stay on the island, and the SMTA is honored to display in many ways the benefits of their contribution. (SMTA)


WANTED: Poems for the New Anguilla Book of Poetry, “Where I See the Sun”

GREAT BAY—“All poets and spoken word artists from Anguilla, including those studying or living abroad” are invited “to submit up to five poems” for a new poetry book to be published here by the House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

“Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla” is the working name for the planned anthology. A wide range of subjects and writings styles are encouraged, said HNP president Jacqueline Sample. The submission deadline is December 22, 2014.

HNP recently issued the “Call for Poetry” online, outlining the guidelines of how Anguillan poets and aspiring poets could get their poems in the new book, at: The guidelines

can also be requested from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Information about the poetry book will also be available at the mid-November “Poetry Evening” hosted by the department of Library in Anguilla, said Sample. “HNP is in contact with organizers and supporters of literary activities in Anguilla and is widening the outreach to realize a unique literary volume,” said Sample.

The publisher hopes that young and old writers of poems will see the book project as an exciting proposition from a press that has published literary giants like Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados) and Amiri Baraka (USA), Harvard scholar Marion Bethel (The Bahamas), outstanding Palestinian poet Nidaa Khoury, and the late St. Martin bard Charles Borromeo Hodge.

“Rita Celestine-Carty and Lexus Ryan are two of the poets with serious material from Anguilla that we’re learning about,” said Lasana M. Sekou, HNP’s projects director and editor of Where I See The Sun - Contemporary Poetry in St. Martin (2013).  

“Early cultural forums organized by Ijahnya Christian; visiting author readings linked to Stephanie Stokes Oliver; the Anguilla Lit Fest over the last three years; book club activities involving Coral Reef Bookstore; and poetry readings facilitated by Josveek Huliger, are among a number of internal activities flinging the doors wide open for contemporary writers, especially poets and spoken word artists to write about their Caribbean nation, to be heard, and to become known at home and abroad,” said Sekou.

“All of the poems submitted for the anthology will go through a rigorous selection process by a confidential editorial board. I hope that the idea and challenge of the anthology will inspire poets and aspiring poets from Anguilla to take a chance at getting published in the new book,” said Sample. 


Governor Holiday to Visit SXM Airport

SIMPSON BAY, SXM Airport - His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday is scheduled to pay an official visit to the Princess Juliana International Airport, SXM, on October 30, 2014.

“We are excited to welcome him since he was President of the airport before his appointment to the position of the first Governor of St. Maarten,” said Regina LaBega, SXM managing director who succeeded him.

The Governor will be given a tour of the facilities of the airport, including the Air Traffic Control tower and will also receive a presentation about the latest and future developments that are being undertaken at the island’s major gateway.

“It is an honor for us, while we’re winding down the celebrations of our 70th anniversary, to bring the Governor up to date with what has been happening at the airport and to show him what we have been able to achieve building on the strong foundation that he laid,” added LaBega.

It was under Governor Eugene Holiday, while he was President of the airport, that the new terminal building and ATC tower were built.


Department of Labor Affairs delegation attends Employment Forum

PHILIPSBURG - The importance of utilizing all available best practices, to assist the unemployed, was once again underscored during the second edition of the Employment Forum held in the Chamber of Commerce in Concordia, on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

A delegation consisting of the Section Head Labor Market – Ms. Natasha Richardson, together with Job Placement Officers attended the Employment Forum, with the objective to gain first hand insight on recruitment and job placement activities and initiatives.

In an invited comment, Mrs. Peggy-Ann Dros – Department Head Labor Affairs and Social Services, stated that it remains critical for both sides of this small Country to work together in close collaboration, all in the best interest of our collective people.

The intention is for the Department of Labor Affairs to host an Employment Forum in 2015, bringing together the Chamber of Commerce, all private sector stakeholders and job seekers, presenting the unique and real job opportunities for persons that form part of the local job market.

Minister of Labor Affairs Hon. Cornelius de Weever stated that despite improved performance and the implementation of several performance enhancement tools, unemployment continues to be an issue requiring creative, out of the box approaches.

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor , under the auspices of the Department of Labor Affairs and the Department of Labor, will continue therefore to explore and implement all available resources to address it.


Mango Juice Productions presents Caribbean Food Fest


14 food vendors from Dutch and French St Maarten/St Martin selling the local dishes and pastries of their country:

Haiti- 1,2,3 Soleil


St Martin-Meals on the go

St Maarten-Ms. V’s Grill

Trinidad-Melting Pot

Guadeloupe-Chabin bouquet

Guyana-Quality snacks

Jamaica-O & P Unique Restaurant

St. Kitts- Viola’s

St. Lucia-Clo’s Hotspot

Brittany, France-Franck Crepe

St. Martin, France-Ti truck

St. Martin Local tarts & sweets-Gene’s cakes and sweets

St. Martin-Jerry’s ice cream

We will also have local Guavaberry punch and a special rum punch called “Bois Bandé” (Hard wood)


Kalaboom DJ’s, Big and Serious sound DJ Fabulous




Thanks to the sponsors; Coorslight, Hennessey, Taste Factory, Fine Life duty free liquors, YR 92.5 Kalaboom Team and Sugary Treasures



Mc's Dutty Sham and Silva Hype


Timeshare St. Maarten: SMTA doing everything it can regarding Caravanserai/Alegria and the rights of timeshare owners

BEACON HILL - Many of St. Maarten’s timeshare owners either are affected directly or indirectly by the letter sent by the new owning company of what was known as the Caravanserai , which letter stated that their timeshare rights would be annulled.  This goes on in a domino effect to also exert a negative influence on the lives of every St. Maarten person as the major source of money in our pockets is courtesy of our main pillar tourism economy. 

The St. Maarten Timeshare Association (SMTA) is doing everything it can to encourage our government to become engaged in this issue. We have a confirmed meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Economy, Ted Richardson, the new owner and the SMTA set for October 28th. While draft legislation was prepared by MP Leroy de Weever that would offer the St. Maarten government the ability to actively protect the interests of the timeshare owners, the current law does not offer this tool to help our tourism product. 

Although we do not currently have a lot of timeshare specific laws, there are plenty of laws to protect our timeshare owners’ interests. As St. Maarten is a Civil Code jurisdiction this means people must hire legal representatives to plead their case before a judge.

The government of St. Maarten can exert its influence to see if cooperation can be obtained, but it has no way to force a private entity to comply in a private matter under the current law. 

The SMTA would like to outline several possible options for Caravanserai timeshare owners. The options listed are not recommendations, but rather are put out so that informed choices can be made.

1.    Sign the Agreement sent out as is by Alegria.

2.    Hire a law firm to represent you to enforce your timeshare rights. You can do this individually or join a group. Two law firms have communicated to SMTA their interest in providing timeshare owners seeking assistance local legal advice ‎on the matter; Lexwell Attorneys at Law and Bermon Law Offices. Individuals would pay more than if they went as a group. Contacting one of these offices should give a clear indication of the strength of any action.

3.    Another option would be to do nothing and see what develops. Whichever way you decide, the SMTA will continue to work to make the St. Maarten timeshare product the best it can be for both our valued tourists and our society alike.


Port St. Maarten represented at CSA 44th AGM, Conference & Exhibition. Seatrade Director Presented with Plaque from Port St. Maarten

POINT BLANCHE – A delegation from Port St. Maarten recently attended the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM), Conference & Exhibition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort.

The CSA AGM was done in collaboration with the Asociacion de Navieros de la Republica Dominicana (Shipping Association of the Dominican Republic) and brought together owners, shipping executives, industry leaders and renowned speakers from October 13 to the 15. 

The topics discussed were the Nicaragua Shipping Canal Project, the evolution of shipping and its expectations for the next 50-years; Economic Prospects for the Caribbean, Governor’s perspective; Corruption in Customs Caribbean wide and the Asycuda System; Cruise; Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG); Drug Trafficking in the Caribbean; and presentations from four Ports in the Dominican Republic. 

Exhibitors showcased equipment and products that are of interest to companies operating within the maritime sector.

Michael Rohan of M.F. Ronan Consulting also shared his insights of present and future of the cruise industry in the Caribbean.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Port St. Maarten Mark Mingo says Port St. Maarten’s attendance to the CSA conference allows the port to keep abreast of trends and developments in the maritime sector which is essential to the continued long-term development of St. Maarten’s port.

Humphrey Mezas, Chairman of Port St. Maarten Supervisory Board of Directors, took the opportunity together with other Port St. Maarten officials to present a plaque of appreciation to Philip Gray, Managing Director of Seatrade for being a main sponsor during the recently concluded 21st Annual Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Conference & Trade Show in St. Maarten.

Port St. Maarten delegation comprised of Humphrey Mezas, Renald Williams, supervisory board member,RogerLawrence, Manager Terminal and Cargo Operations, and Phil Laplace, St. Maarten Harbour Shipping Consultant.

CSA mission is to promote and foster the highest quality service to the maritime industry through training development; working with all agencies, groups and other associations for the benefit and development of its members and the peoples of the Caribbean region.


Off-duty police officer stabbed in chest, 32-year old suspect arrested

COLE BAY - On Wednesday, October 22 at approximately 02.45 a.m. al police patrols was sent to “High Up” night club in connection with the playing of loud music. On the scene the officers spoke to management about the situation and stayed on at the location to control what was going on.

Shortly after the officers noticed that a fight had broken out between two unknown men. During the commotion many customers ran out of the establishment. At the same time an off duty police officer approached the other officers telling them the he was stabbed by a man who was also in the night club.

The off duty officer, pointed out the suspect who at the time, was running out of the club. The suspect was chased by an officer on foot and in the vicinity of Carousel he was arrested. The suspect was still in possession of the knife he used to stab the victim.

The knife was confiscated for further investigation. The off-duty officer who was stabbed in the left side of his chest was treated on the scene by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment where he remained for observation.

The suspect with the initials C.A.I. (32) was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody for further investigation. (Contributed by the Police Force Sint Maarten)


Let's Travel Launches New Website

PHILIPSBURG – Local travel agency, Let’s Travel, has launched a brand new
website online at, which will not only cater to locals
looking to request or book flights online, but also target the inbound
travel market, allowing tourists to book flights, tours and activities via
the website as well.

Owner of Let’s Travel, Terrance Rey, said that the website took a long
time for him to complete but he felt that after the passing of hurricane
Gonzalo last week, it was imperative to boost St. Maarten’s travel
offerings online so that the island as a tourist destination can get more
visibility as the Caribbean islands will certainly be ramping up the
competition to promote and sell their respective destinations.

“A comprehensive website like that of offering many travel
products and tour services for inbound travellers to St. Maarten is a
welcome addition to the marketing arsenal of the island’s tourism sales
infrastructure.” says Terrance Rey.

The website will also serve as a webportal to AirStMaarten’s commercial
charter flights with specials to Guyana, Jamaica, Miami, Aruba, Colombia
and later on Brazil as that South American market opens up once St.
Maarten and Brazil conclude an open skies treaty.

“For the past eight years AirStMaarten has been organizing both private
and shared charters to the surrounding islands of St. Barths, Anguilla,
St. Kitts, Nevis, Tortola and Antigua & Barbuda for passengers transitting
through St. Maarten, but the time is right with the launch of to promote inbound travel to St. Maarten itself with
services that will attract clients of AirStMaarten to actually visit and
stay on the island itself.” explains Rey.

“Our group of travel companies, partners and affiliates will use  the
platform of the new Let’s Travel website as a portal to all the different
travel products and services that are on offer. We look forward to helping
put St. Maarten back on the map as the prime vacation destination in the
Northeastern Caribbean region.” concludes Terrance Rey.

For more information, call +1-721-542-2381, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

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