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UP Board Says Law Grants Employees Two Hours Off to Go Vote

PHILIPSBURG – The United People’s (UP) Party board has received some reports of employees being told that they won’t allow going out and voting during their working hours.

The UP Board would like to remind all that it’s established by law that every employee has the right to go and exercise their right to vote, and have been given two hours to do so on Friday, August 29.

It’s a civic duty to exercise your right to vote and businesses have to abide by the law and give their employees those two hours to do so. If there are those who are not cooperating, we suggest to take your grievance to your union representative and/or the Department of Labour.

The UP Party is encouraging everybody to make use of their right to vote on Friday, August 29.  Our national Postal Services of St. Maarten (PSS) reports that they have completed delivery of voting cards for the elections within the timeframe agreed upon with the Civil Registry Office.

The UP Party takes this opportunity to congratulate the staff of PSS for a job well done.

21,457 persons are eligible to vote according to the Civil Registry Office based on the voter’s list.  On Election Day have ready your voting card and some form of Identification to take to your polling station.

If you haven’t received your voting card, contact the Civil Registry Office on Pond Island during the next couple of days to get a duplicate voting card. You would have to present a valid form of Identification such as a Dutch passport, Driver’s license or ID card.

The UP Party Board encourages everybody to make use of their right to vote.  The vote is the most powerful instrument that every eligible voter has.  Politicians take important decisions and to have a say in issues that affect your community, you need to be able to hold them accountable.  On Election Day, every vote matters. (Contributed by the UP Party)


Former DP #3 Candidate Louis Halley Urges Supporters to Vote #1 on DP Slate

SIMPSON BAY - Previous number three candidate on the Democratic Party Slate popular Simpson Bay resident Louis Halley is urging his supporters and the people of St. Maarten in general to vote for the leader of the Democratic Party, the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams.

Mr. Halley said that of all the political leaders the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams is the clear choice: “There is no politician on St. Maarten that has the vision for moving the country forward other than Sarah Wescot-Williams. She has been the beacon of stability; the light that has guided the people through very turbulent political times. Her steadfast leadership has ensured constitutional and economic growth for the people of St. Maarten”.

Mr. Halley encouraged especially the residents of Simpson Bay, where he resides and where the father of the Prime Minister hails from, to remember that throughout the challenges faced by this community over the two years, only the Prime Minister displayed genuine interest for the people of this community and listened to their concerns. “She has proven to be the only politician, who truly has the interests of this community at heart,” commented Mr. Halley.

The former number three Democratic Party Candidate, though not running for 2014’s Parliamentary Elections, is urging the community to exercise their democratic right and vote; “Exercise your democratic right and vote for the party and the leader, who has shown that the interests of the people are close to their hearts. Vote for stability and not for political gimmickry and bandwagoneering,” commented Halley. (Contributed by the DP Party)


Victorious Living Foundation Invitation

If you are a man or a woman...

Suffering from relationship challenges; emotional wounds; depression; feeling unfulfilled; struggling with grief issues; in transition; and want to regain your joy for living,

Then Victorious Living Foundation invites you 

to register by September 2nd for its Journey to Freedom Sessions for men every Wednesdayin September/ October &

 for women, every Thursday in September/October.

Space is limited!  For more details and send an e-mail to register or call 1-721-524-8731 for an appointment at:

 Victorious Living's new location at the Royal Palm Plaza #94 Front Street.


Minister Lake says Government Legal Reps Said I Did Nothing Wrong

PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says he has taken note of the recent story by former Minister of VROMI William Marlin regarding how he should be held liable for ‘wrongdoing’ in the Vorst land deal.

“The people of the country can see what is going on with William Marlin and the Prime Minister constantly hammering on this issue of the Vorst property that will benefit the people of this country by creating jobs and housing for our young professionals.

“If it is not coming from them, then it’s nothing good for the country, basically that is what William and the Prime Minister are saying in between the lines.  The Government’s own legal department, being part of the Prime Minister’s portfolio, stated that I did nothing wrong and I followed the proper procedures.

“The monies to pay part of the sale for the property were already approved by parliament in the 2014 budget.  The Prime Minister and William Marlin are singing the same tune so you have to wonder if they both have come together to cook up this whole saga regarding this piece of property.

“It is actually even more amazing, if one sees how much the Prime Minister has to say about the purchase of the Vorst property, but she has nothing, not even a little to say about the then Minister of VROMI, William Marlin, ‘purchasing’ the Emilio Wilson Estate in conflict with a decision taken by the Council of Minister’s.

“I have nothing to hide.  I have worked in the interests of the people and in the interests of the country.  It is rather unfortunate that this matter has to be carried on week in and week out like if there aren’t other pressing matters that the people of this country would like to hear about.

“The people want to know how you are going to create jobs and build housing for those that needs public housing.  I have presented my vision for the Vorst property in Cay Hill, but William Marlin and the Prime Minister do not want to see jobs and housing for the people of this country.  I wonder why?  It doesn’t make any sense, why shouldn’t our people move forward and upward?

“I don’t need to tow the white line or pull the red thread.  The people are the ones that count for me.  It seems that they are desperate and want to create confusion. You have folks in both of those camps who like to cook up how to get rid of Maurice Lake, but I put my confidence in the people who I have been working for during the past 12-months,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake pointed out.

The court ruled in its proceedings on August 21 that the agreement that exist to purchase the Vorst property in Cay Hill remains in place and government has to pay the sales price.

“As said from the start, I have been negotiating with the Vorst family from/on the basis of the (binding) Letter of Intent signed by the previous Minister of Justice, which would have cost the government considerably more money (almost US$9 million) for which we would have ‘only’ received  a right of long lease.

I have always considered the outright purchase of the property for less money (US$5.5 million) the best way to go, and that is why I came to this purchase agreement with the Vorst family. It saves the tax payer money, US$3.5 million.  Why pay more when you don’t own the property when you can pay less and own the property.   

“My vision is to build homes for our (returning) young professionals and a commercial center to create jobs for our people such as a call center, a metal signage shop and a sewing center.

“I would also like to reiterate, that before I entered into the payment schedule of the purchase price, I discussed this payment schedule with the Minister of Finance regarding the budget, and was advised by the Secretary General of Finance how to reflect the payments in the advice that was put before the Council of Ministers.

“This entire affair is a result of politics being played.  When are these elder politicians who talk about experience going to mature and handle the people’s business in the correct manner?  You are not being good examples to the youth when you are bashing your own.  My vision of job creation and building homes will benefit the people,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.


Laser 101 Second Political Discussion with Leaders on August 25. Live on the Internet

MADAME ESTATE - The 2nd and last Political Discussion that will be hosted on Laser 101, will be aired live on Monday, August 25th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. The leaders of the political parties that have representation in the present parliament have been invited to attend.

In first instance, Frans Richardson from the United St.Maarten Party, Sarah Wescot-Williams from the Democratic Party, and William Marlin from the National Alliance have all three confirmed their attendance by email to management of Philipsburg Broadcasting. Theo Heyliger of the United People's Party sent an email indicating that he could not confirm his attendance due to his agenda. Eventually William Marlin informed Philipsburg Broadcasting officials that there was a double booking as he has to attend an interview on a TV program on the same day and time, thus making it impossible for him to attend.

The National Alliance will therefore be sending Silveria Jacobs, and the United People's Party will be sending Frankie Meyers to represent the leader of the UP.

As the two candidates that will be attending this formal discussion are veteran members of their respective parties, the vision and sentiments of their leaders, and their party should be well represented.

The topics will be of a general nature, however integrity, will be the main driver.

The program will be retransmitted on radio stations on St.Martin, St.Barths and Saba. It will also be streamed on the world wide web ( ).

The host of this program will once more be Glen Carty (Contributed by Laser 101 Glen Carty)


Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Donates to Local Netball Club

PHILIPSBURG - The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams recently gave a personal donation towards the uniforms of the Spurs United Netball Club. The Prime Minister made the donation as part of her continued efforts to promote women’s sports and women’s health on the island. The ladies of Spurs United won their game when they debuted their uniforms by ‘a large margin’ according to organizers. 


Ministry VROMI Seeks Removal of White Container Near Pump House in Sucker Garden

SUCKER GARDEN – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) is calling upon the owner of a white container in the vicinity of the Storm Water Pump House in Sucker Garden, to have this removed within one week.

The owner must also remove old containers, drums and crates from the same location.

Ministry VROMI is currently in the process of preparing to fence in the Storm Water Pump House yard.

If the owner does not remove the aforementioned, this will then be done by the Government of Sint Maarten at the owner’s expense.

Those with information regarding the white container should contact the Ministry at 542-4289 ext. 354.


Interruption to traffic flow on Back Street August 24

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), hereby announces that there will be interruption with the traffic flow on Back Street between Korte Steeg and Hensy Beaujon Steeg on Sunday, August 24, 2014 between 7.00AM and 1.00PM.

Motorists are requested to be vigilant and observant for the traffic directional signs.

The traffic interruption is in connection with the repairs of a leakage of the main water line in Backstreet.

Ministry VROMI apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.



PHILIPSBURG – POLICE HQ - On Friday August 22nd as police continues to execute their plan of action to remove all illegal fire-arm from the streets and to prosecute those responsible for this illegal act, during a search of two suspect vehicles two more pistols were found and confiscated.

One pistol found in a hidden compartment in the ceiling of a grey Mitsubishi Outlander with license-plate M-2535. One of the police K-9 which was used in the search indicated that there was an illegal object in that part of the vehicle.

The investigating officers then did manual search of the ceiling in the vehicle and located the fire-arm. In this investigation the man with initials T.M. (36) from Sint Maarten was arrested and remains in custody for further investigation.

A second fire-arm was found during a search of car in the Fort Willem area when the police stopped and searched this suspect vehicle is which one man with initials K.D. (25) from Jamaica was driving.

During the search a pistol was found under the drivers’ seat. This fire-arm was immediately confiscated and the suspect in this case arrested for illegal weapons possession. The suspect remains in custody for further investigation.

The execution of this plan of action has proven to be very successful. A total of 10 illegal fire-arms have been removed from the streets this week and those who were in possession of these weapons will be charged. These controls will continue. (Contributed by the Police Force of Sint Maarten)


St. Maarten Cable TV Gives Away HBO Series True Blood Memorabilia to Subscribers

MADAME ESTATE - St. Maarten Cable TV announces that, for a limited time, while supplies last, they will be giving away True Blood memorabilia. Both current and new St. Maarten Cable TV subscribers of the Platinum Plus or HBO Pak packages are eligible to receive this special item.

Entering its seventh and last season, the original series hit, True Blood,is a vampire thriller based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris. It follows a trio of star-crossed lovers dealing with a suddenly changed world. With the grand series finale scheduled for Sunday, August 24th, these giveaways are right on time.

Included in the memorabilia gift package is a True Blood three-in-one mouse pad, screen cleaner and screen protector.  

Managing Director stated, “We are elated to offer this special gift to our current and new subscribers of Platinum plus and HBO Pak. Please enjoy while supplies last.”

Customers are encouraged to visit St. Maarten Cable TV’s Facebook page and the new website for additional information and other pertinent facts. The website address is

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