SXM Festival closes with over 3,000 in attendance at Happy Bay

SXM Festival closes with over 3,000 in attendance at Happy Bay

Photos by Ded Agency and SXM Festival. Photos by Ded Agency and SXM Festival.

HAPPY BAY, St. Martin - On Sunday, the 24-hour festival that continued for 5 days came to an end as the SXM Festival closed with over 3,000 festival goers at Happy Bay.

Over 3,000 festival goers arrived on the island to attend the second edition of SXM Festival that took place from March 15 – 19 at various locations on both sides of the island.

The Sun Raise event which took place from 5am to noon at Layla’s continued at the main day time venue on Happy Bay from 12 noon to 12 mid-night. Festival lovers then had a choice to continue at various night venues which included Sky Beach, Tantra, 3 Amigos, Refuge and Dirty Sanchez.

This year, the Festival launched their first annual SXM Festival Boat Party which took place on Friday. This sold out event featured three top international DJs that took festival goers on an adventurous cruise.

On Saturday the exclusive Villa Party took place at Sandy Line Villas where over 800 VIP festival lovers enjoyed the unique cascading pool designs overlooking one of our beautiful beaches while enjoying the sounds from three top international DJs.

Rolando Brison, Director of Tourism commented, “I must say that I am very pleased with what I’ve witnessed over the last week with the large number of people who have chosen St. Maarten/ Saint Martin as a new place to fall in love with. It was described to me by many of the festival goers who travelled to the destination that it was not actually traveling but that it was a pilgrimage for them.

“I’ve met people who have travelled from as far as Saudi Arabia, Tokyo and of course the west coast of America, the latter being a very important market that we wish to attract in the future.” He continues “I would like to express my sincere congratulations to the organizers for putting this amazing event together.

“I can only imagine, seeing the product for myself, the immense amount of work that went into promoting and realizing this event. I would also like to thank all the sponsors that came to support the event to make this a reality. We look forward to seeing SXM Festival as our major music event for the island year after year.”

Private shuttle driver Jeffrey Jeffers was part of the SXM Festival transportation team along with 20 other young local men and women. He quoted “I got to meet a lot of new people who are planning on coming back to the island. I gave out about 300 contact cards to tourists who enjoyed our services; our locals are profiting from the festival as well.”

“I enjoyed the SXM Festival, I enjoyed making money and my costumers enjoyed themselves! There was a good a variety between taxi, busses and shuttles were everyone can profit from. The Festival is good for us and should happen twice a year.” said Julliet, driver of taxi 370.

“We loved it! St Maarten is beautiful and safe. The crowd was great, the sound was great. The locals were so nice and courteous. The villa parties were unbelievable. The weather 28 and sunny everyday. We will come again!” – said Jeramie, a festival lover from Ontario, Canada.

“We couldn’t be happier with the turn out for our second year with guests from all around the world selling out the island hotels and villas. We are so proud to have had over 100 international media in attendance this year excited about the festival and everything St. Maarten has to offer. We are already in talks with international partners for next year and look forward to bringing even more magic to this already magical island” – said Olivia Gottlieb, Marketing Director for SXM Festival.

Clara Geffraiud, the local Marketing Manager of SXM Festival replied after being asked how she felt about this year’s turn out, “Overwhelmed by the response and we are so thankful about the ties we have built with numerous local businesses and organizations and excited about the possibilities for next year. We over exceeded our expectations for local ticket sales and we believe that the island of St. Maarten can become the top festival destination for the Caribbean and people all over the world.”

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