SXM Airport #2 most popular private jet destination

SXM Airport #2 most popular private jet destination

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) – The website recently announced its Top 10 Airports.  The section is called, ‘The Caribbean By Private Jet: The Top 10 Airports.’

SXM Airport came out as #2 most popular private jet destination.

“PrivateFly is a leading global booking service for private charter flights and part of Directional Aviation's OneSky group of companies. Since we revolutionised private jet charter booking when we launched in 2008, PrivateFly has always believed in going above and beyond in everything we do.

“With 7,000 aircraft in one global network, a live pricing platform, infinite routes worldwide, airports and security to negotiate, and safety records to evaluate; we know that speed matters. But we also know performance matters more.

“Performance that's fast when you need it to be, without ever compromising safety. That searches for the best options to save you time and money. And brings together deep insight, unrivaled expertise and superior technology to give you outstanding service,” the website says. says: “During the winter months, many of our leisure clients look to escape to warmer climates in the Caribbean. And when it comes to getting around, the island geography of the region means on-demand private jet charter comes into its own – flying point-to-point between destinations that are not easily reached any other way.

“Some clients choose to use a long-range private aircraft for the whole journey - whether flying from Europe or the US - with popular departure points including Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Others choose to use a combination of airline flights and private aviation to reach their final Caribbean destination.

“So, which out of the thousands of islands are the most popular Caribbean destinations with private jet travellers? Here are the Top 10 busiest airports for private jet charter flights in the region during the peak season November to April.?

The section on the site about Sint Maarten says:

“2) Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten (TNCM)

“St Maarten (also known as St Martin by the French) is split between the Netherlands and France. Its airport, Princess Juliana International, offers one of the world’s most stunning landings – coming in very low over water.

“The airport is another important hub in the Caribbean, connecting airline flights and larger private jets, with smaller aircraft bound for more remote islands.

“The landing at St Maarten was voted one of the World's Top 10 Scenic Landings 2018 in our annual poll. You can - or browse videos of other Caribbean landings on our YouTube channel.”

The other airports were: #1 Puerto Rico, #3 St. Thomas, #4 Puerto Rico, #5 St. Croix, #6 British Virgin Islands, #7 Anguilla, #8 Antigua & Barbuda, #9 St. Barths, and #10 Babados.

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