Benjamin & Parker Risk Auditors highlight difficulties for medical referrals in Colombia

Benjamin & Parker Risk Auditors highlight difficulties for medical referrals in Colombia

B&P Manager Terrence Jandroep (Photo contributed) B&P Manager Terrence Jandroep (Photo contributed)

SINT MAARTEN/COLOMBIA – Benjamin & Parker’s (B&P’s) Regional Director has been visiting Sint Maarten patients in Colombia when in Cali and has spoken too many that disclosed several inconveniences that they are confronted with after they are at the Colombian medical or housing premises, B&P said in a press statement on Wednesday.

“The problems they confront or may confront are as follows:

City panic (not used of being in a very big city)

Language barrier

Communication barrier (Doctors terminology in Spanish)

Food issues

Overstay without proper explanation

Nonexistence of psychological support during stay of patient

Clients is non-aware of medical condition progress (uncertainty)

Security issues (Easy target)

“Colombia is not the Dutch Caribbean and therefore behavior patterns must be adapted rapidly. In March 2018, after contemplating too many of these adversities our firm offered the SZV via email, a Health Compliance Officer Service, which up to now has not been answered.

“This email was second by an Auditor at the SZV that described the necessity of the service, which again remained unanswered. Our firm is aware of all these conditions, and it gets worse in Bogota.

“The management or Board of the SZV is not in Colombia to observe the organic conditions the patients have to deal with. It is the opinion of the firm that knowing rights does not mean that the patients has that right when it comes in the field, when dealing in a multimillion dollar Medical Enterprise and the poor safeguards to contain illegal practices is just next to non-existent.

“The basic objective is to improve the quality treatment and cost savings that in our opinion is not addressed appropriately by the authorized channels,” the B&P statement concludes.

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