The way I see it... The listeners are listening:

The way I see it... The listeners are listening:

House of Parliament. House of Parliament.

SINT MAARTEN/COMMENTARY - As was already discussed and explained with clarity the dates for this scheduled election of Feb 26, 2018 is INCORRECT!!

Do the math: Nov 2, 2017, Parliament was dissolved. Based on our constitution the new Parliament should take office 3 months thereafter, taking us to February 2, 2018.

Which means election should have been prior to February 2, 2018, but instead the date is February 26, 2018. How?? Aren't we therefore going against our constitution?

Immediately after the devastation caused by Hurricane's Irma and Maria, no one believed that the then PM William Marlin would have the gall to call for election, moreover why didn't Governor Holiday have this decision annulled? Let's not forget the several motions passed by Parliament which expressed the desire not to have elections. Could he, the Governor have been challenged on his decision? Yes!!

Is it too late to challenge him? NO!! By any means necessary!!!

Yes, postulation took place, but MP Wescot submitted her report to the Governor on December 30, 2017, way before the deadline of January 12, 2018. The listeners are questioning why the proposed names for Ministers can't yet take office. What's the hold up in finalising this report?

We knew the Governor would have stalled until after postulation, a ploy not to postpone the election date once again; as he did for William.

To conclude, while it may seem that the dust has settled and everyone is gearing up for elections, it doesn't take away that elections called for February 26, 2018 are incorrect, based on our constitution. So many things still not in place as explained by the Main Voting Bureau, the issues with the Civil Registry, Voting cards etc.

The fact that we are not ready for an election, that so many MP's or candidates have expressed this, among them Mr. Wycliffe Smith and MP Ardwell Irion.

The fact that so many persons are without proper placement, in shelters or jobless. The listeners are saying this election is not only unjust but illegal and should be challenged by the fullest extent of the law!

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