SINT MAARTEN/SURINAME - Foundation “Een Hart van Parel” (A Heart of Pearl) was founded in Paramaribo, The Republic of Suriname, on 17th of November 2016. The Board of the foundation is headed by former Sint Maarten resident Ir. Paul J.O. Rivière and Liliane N. Astrokarijo.

The purpose of the Foundation is to:

  • Assist in the Social, Spriritual and Economic development of the Republic of Suriname;
  • Business, and Organizational Management of Real Estate and moveable properties of organizations and private entities.

These activities will not be based on achieving profit, but solely to assist third parties in achieving their purpose.

The vision of the foundation is to make third parties happy and successful in their endeavors to develop themselves socially and economically. The foundation’s prime focus is the Community of Suriname, however they are not limited to those borders.

The Mission to achieve the above will be to:

  • Acquire donators to fund the work of the foundation. The donators are categorized into three groups:
  1. Silent Partners: Anonymously they participate in large donations.
  2. Sponsors: These donate a certain sum periodically.
  3. Donators: Make irregular donations at random periods.
  • Provide funding to carefully selected projects.
  • Provide social and spiritual assistance to those in need of assistance.
  • Invest in real estate and movables to acquire funding for future projects and to maintain a solvable foundation in order to achieve the vision.


Projects that already have been realized:

  1. Short Term Loan to a starting organization to fund a training session for third parties.
  2. Assistance in rebuilding a Church in Koewarasan (Roofing, lumber, cement, paint, curtains)
  3. Assistance in decorating a child church in Koewarasan (paint, linoleum, mats, cupboards, beds, air conditioning).
  4. Assistance in elderly care at home, part of salary of the caretaker.
  5. Start to build a new home after a fire destroyed the previous one.
  6. Start to build an office annex home for the foundation.
  7. Financial assistance to victims of hurricane Irma and Maria, on the Islands Dominica and Sint Maarten.
  8. Purchase of a bus for mainly transporting church goers who have no means to get to Church and other purposes in connection with 9 & 14.

Projects envisioned for the future:

  1. Take inventory of really needy families in District Commewijne and set up of a social and economic aid system to provide in their direct needs and to stimulate them in structural actions to alleviate their situation. To start early 2018.
  2. Assist Small Businesses in their Business Development with assistance of Logic Business Solutions Suriname. Ongoing, as necessity unveils. Skin Care Clinic Maison Esthetique Caribbean is a fact. 
  3. Assist Stichting Jaezer in realizing their goals in Suriname and Curaçao. Project initiated.
  4. Redevelopment of Coffee and Citrus plantage Katwijk to become an education and research center. Project temporary on hold.
  5. Development of an agriculture and garden station (youth project). Land already donated to foundation.

Development of a Fellowship park at La Solitude in combination with 9 & 11. Land already donated to foundation. Additional land to acquire from government.


In order for the foundation to be successful with already started projects and future projects, ‘A Heart of Pearl,’ will need financial assistance from the Communities of Suriname, Curacao and The Netherlands.

“The first 8 projects are being funded through private initiative. However these funds are running out. We are experiencing lack of funding for the projects 5 (Ed building of a home) and 6 (Ed building of an office) due to higher prices of material and labor. This is being caused due to the increase of wood in the export sector, causing local prices to increase exponentially. Maintaining a high currency for the Dollar and Euro, increased the cost for labor.

“A foundation on its own, that does not have profit making as a policy, cannot survive without donations.  We are therefore requesting your humble assistance to assist us financially with a substantial donation. We entirely leave the choice of donator-category up to you,” the two member board said.

For those requiring more information they can contact the two board members via: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for call +597-7132364 or +597-8641779.

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